Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Smiles

1.  having one of my bestest friends spend the night (angela r).  it was fun having a slumber party of sorts :). 


2.  going to frankenmuth for snowfest with angela and the girls.  we got crepes and hot caramel apple cider and walked around in the freezing cold (and it was COLD).  took the girls to the petting farm thing they had set up...they LOVED it.  then we took them for pony rides.  i didn't have the chance to get leila psyched up for it before the man whisked her away to a pony...and if you know leila, you know she freaked out!!!  no pony ride for her.  liberty, however, was very brave and loved riding the pony...until it  snorted loudly and scared her, haha!  after that we headed home to unthaw (no unthawing in the car because my car has no heat!).  it was worth being in the cold just to watch liberty ride that pony :).

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3.  webcams.  jonathan has one.  i have one.  need i say more?!  the girls are thrilled to talk to daddy and see him!!  thank you webcams and skype!

4.  visiting joe, laura and baby lilah.  joe is my cousin and i grew up being friends with laura.  their precious babe is not quite 6 months old.  the girls loved holding lilah (although i didn't get a pic of libbs holding her). 

006 007

5.  mops.  always love meeting up for mops.  the lady who spoke this time was such a sweetie.  she had lots of great things to share...mainly about having a tender heart, a thankful heart, and a thoughtful heart (especially with your spouse and children). 

6.  I Cor. 13.  the love chapter.  it had been a while since i last read this and it was great to be reminded of the many things love is and is not.

7.  a night & day to myself...pretty much.  the big girls spent the night with poppo tuesday night, leave me with just nadia.  that means i actually got uninterrupted sleep that night (remember...nadia sleeps great...leila, not so much!).  i had plenty of quiet time to knit and read.  and i was able to get a lot accomplished around the house.  yea!

8.  celebrating birthdays.  my dad and mom's birthdays are just a day apart, so we celebrated a couple of birthdays recently.  always a good time.

9.  silly sisters playing together.  LOVE when all 3 get along and play together.  so very sweet!

001 002

10.  the big move.  jonathan is planning to head out here on march 6 to come get us.  he's planning to drive his truck out and we'll rent a large trailer.  one more month until we get to see him again!!  we cannot wait!!

11.  one more i cannot forget to add...liberty twirling with nadia...nadia LOVES when liberty does this.  she giggles and gives these huge smiles . gotta' love it!

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Amanda said...

oh my rebecca...march excited for you...although i'm sad for me that it means we might not be able to make meeting a reality...unless we want to try for a crazy quick daytrip...meeting at chick-fil-a in fort wayne or something.