Wednesday, February 10, 2010

how did this happen?!

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41wks prego with nadia                   nadia zenevieva 1 yr ago today

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this year passed by so quickly.  it seems like the more kids i have, the more quickly time goes by.  i can hardly believe it's been one whole year since nadia joined the goodman ranks.  wow!  she's smiley, sweet, stubborn, curious, cuddly, strong, has a mean streak, loving, etc.  she's not walking yet...just taking some steps now and then.  she can stand on her own from the middle of a room.  she loves playing with her sisters and seems a bit lost if they're not around.  she also loves taking from her sisters...and is very stubborn when it comes to breaking that habit!  she still nurses quite a bit.  she loves baby dolls and real babies.  she has 4 teeth.  she weighed 7lbs 12oz at birth, and is weighing 18lbs now.  she likes holding mama's hands/thumbs for comfort.  she has a special smile for daddy.  she loves when liberty twirls her around the room.  she giggles a lot for leila.  she has a bit of a temper when things aren't going her way.  she smiles a lot!  it's hard to imagine life before's like she's always been a part of us. 

we're not doing anything special today...just staying where it's warm after the snow storm.  planning to have a little birthday celebration on saturday. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS GIRL!!  mama, daddy, liberty & leila love you very much and we're so glad you were born and we were blessed with your life!!!


PrincessSparkle84 said...

It goes by way too fast, doesn't it? At least you seem to be enjoying every minute with her and your other girls!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

A year goes so quickly when you have children, doesn't it? Crazy how fast the last one has gone. Well, happy (belated) birthday Nadia! I hope for this to only be the start of many, many years of wonderful birthdays to come!