Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i'm still here...

i have been keeping pretty busy taking care of the girls (being a "single" parent is hard, hard work, i tell you!), taking care of our home, trying to pack, trying to spend time with everyone before we leave, trying to spend more time in the Word, trying to exercise more, trying to finish a knitting project so i can start a new one, etc, etc, etc!  so finally i am sitting down (in small time increments) to give an update of our life.

the girls are doing good.  liberty is growing so much.  she'll be four in just 2 short months.  so hard to believe.  she's starting to seem so grown up these days.  it is fun to see the way her mind works.  she's also testing her boundaries like crazy (and i thought the "terrible 2's" were bad...).  leila is constantly surprising me with what she knows...things i don't remember trying to teach her.  i took her to the eye doctor because her right eye seems to cross at times...i thought maybe she had a lazy eye or something.  she did so great throughout the whole exam...and turns out there is nothing wrong with her eyes at all.  the doctor said they are very healthy.  he said her eye "crossing" is sort of like an optical illusion.  her nose is so flat that her eye just looks like it's crossing when really it's not.  we were glad nothing was wrong.  nadia is doing well, too.  she is starting to walk more and more.  still does crawling mostly, but lots of walking mixed in.  she's also loving baby dolls.  she likes to hug them and pat them on the back like i do with her.  it's so sweet.

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jonathan's job is going good.  right now he is in idaho working.  when he's done there this week, he will be on his way here to pick us up.  we cannot wait to see him!!  he was able to find us an apartment (duplex, really) where we have rented before.  they are very nice and have good perks. 

the packing is coming along slowly.  i have not gotten a ton of boxes, but i have packed the boxes i did get.  i'm hoping to pick up some more today.  it's hard to know i'm going to have to say goodbye soon.  especially knowing my girls have to say goodbye to loved ones here.  i think that is the hardest part.  on the other hand, we're very excited about this next adventure in our life.  looking forward to more growing in the Lord.  and working on getting the rest of our debt paid off.  (this week we were able to pay off our car 5 months early!!). 

and last...some scripture that has stuck out to me recently...

1 Thes. 5:16-18.  "Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

i'm sure a lot of you have read these verses...maybe even several times, like i have.  however, i've always read them and thought, "ok, i'll do what i can."  for the past couple years or so, and especially for the past 9 or so months for me, jonathan and i have done a lot of growing and searching in the Lord.  i don't know that i've ever really taken EVERY single part of the Bible as seriously as i ought.  these verses in 1 Thessalonians are not a suggestion...they are a command of Christian conduct.  when i really look at those verses, i think how impossible it seems.  how can always rejoice...even in the midst of trials and sadness and frustrations?  do i really have to be thankful in everything?  and how can i do that?  it can be overwhelming, i think.  but then i was reminded of Phil 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  as long as i have Christ, i CAN rejoice in crazy times and be thankful in all things.  amazing!

well, i guess that's all for now.  have a blessed week!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Yay for the big reunion! I'm sure you will all be so happy to be back together again!

Enjoy! Oh, and I hope the move goes slowly and you are able to get lots of packing done this week. Sounds like a great new living situation and adventure for you all!