Thursday, September 9, 2010


it has been so long since i’ve really blogged.  i keep meaning to sit down and write something up, but some how time just slips away from me.  or when i do have time, i can’t think of words to write.  here’s a little update on us…

nadia finally got the cast off of her leg last week.  her bone is healing quite nicely.  the cut her leg with the saw a little bit, so she was pretty unhappy about that, but it seems to be healing well.  she still walks around like she has a cast on her leg :).

001 002 003 058

nadia is 18 months old now.  she’s looking more and more like a toddler/little girl (rather than a baby, sniff!) every day.  and she’s talking up a storm.  she does say quite a few words and some sentences.  it amazes me.  she mimics her sisters a ton. 

liberty is doing good, too.  she’s very interested in learning more about reading and words and all of that.  i think i’ll be ordering her hooked on phonics here soon.  she’s full of energy and life and is our social butterfly.  this girl would go out and do something all day every day if she could.  i’m still having trouble getting her to poop in the potty.  i’ve tried all kinds of things, and nothing gets her to do it.  seriously!  i know she knows how, because she’s done it before.  i’m at my wits end with this one!

044 004

leila will be 3 next month…i cannot believe that.  for some reason my mind cannot fathom her being 3.  she could be my little 2-year-old forever!!  she’s so sweet and caring and quiet…and yet if something isn’t going quite her way, you will know it!!

005 027

i started running in early july.  i started because i needed a way to get rid of some stress, and i’m really enjoying it now.  i started out small and am working my way into longer runs.  i’m proud of myself for working on getting in better shape and trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  and i enjoy getting out and having a little time to myself to pray and think and just be.

i finished a quilt in time for the local quilt show.  i started in late april/early may…and had it done in time for the quilt show in mid-august.  it’s a king-sized log cabin quilt…barn raising pattern.  i didn’t win anything, but i’m sure proud of myself for getting it done so quickly.  it’s on our bed now….looking huge b/c we only have a full-sized bed, haha! 

009 011 002 003

i’m feeling incredibly blessed by an amazing group of friends who have been a huge support to me…near or far!  they’ve listened, prayed, encouraged…just been there for me.  i’ve gotten date nights with my hubby, my girls have been loved on…i’m just so thankful for great friends!!  i’m especially thankful that i have friends who lift me up in Christ!

i recently started selling Scentsy.  Click on the word to check out my website and discover what scentsy is all about.  it’s just a little way for me to make some extra money and meet new people.  i love it!

we recently went hiking in the redwoods with jonathan’s sister sarah and her family.  they also have 3 daughters, and all 6 of our girls get along quite well.  it was such a fun day.  those redwood trees are absolutely amazing!

008 014 020 030 032 034 038 039 041 042 048 061 063 015

about those last two pictures…the first is liberty & zoe…aren’t they so cute?!  after i snapped this, zoe spit on liberty and then said, “i just saved your life.  there was a mosquito on you!”  it was so funny!  the second pic is sarah & mark (sarah is jonathan’s sister)…they are some of my favorite people to be around.  love them!

let’s see…i guess that is about all for now…just some tidbits of my life.  maybe i can keep up a little more often now!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Good to hear what is going on with you. It has been way too long since you blogged. I understand though, I do good to just blog once a week. Seems I have no words these days!

Glad the cast is off and her leg is good. Can't believe Nadia is 18 months, just crazy! Hopefully that pooping in the potty will come soon! That does drive ya nuts!

Have a great day and enjoy your runs!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know how exciting it is to start running! Good for you! And your girls are precious.