Thursday, September 30, 2010

celebrating leila

we’ve been working hard this week packing away all of our belongings…trying to make do with just a little bit of this and that for the week.  on monday 5 girls came over to help me pack…we got a ton accomplished.  i’m so thankful for their help. 

we are celebrated leila’s birthday a little early.  originally that was planned so jonathan would be here for the party…but now we’re glad for the early celebration b/c we got to spend that time with family & friends. 

leila at three:  she’s quiet and sweet.  and yet has the highest pitched screams and squeals of all the girls.  she’s so innocent…and yet she has quite the naughty side at times.  she talks quite a bit…but it’s hard to understand her because she talks so quiet and fast.  she adores her sisters.  she loves to copy liberty and mama-hen nadia.  she loves baby dolls.  she has a great imagination and will pretend all kinds of things are the mama and the child (i.e. a fork and a spoon).  she’s eager to please.  she’s very shy.  we jokingly call her our “anti-social” girl at times b/c when we’re around big groups of people, she keeps to herself.  she loves to help me clean house, do laundry, and cook.  she loves to go to the park.  she’s still wearing 2T clothing.  she’s a cuddle bug.  she likes to pray.  she has the sweetest smile.  we adore her!

her party…it was fun…but chaotic.  here are a few pics:

024 the apron i made for her

031 birthday girl

032 granny (jonathan’s grandma) with the girls

037 leila’s best buddy evie

038 hiding while we were singing to her


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