Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hard work paying off

i mentioned in my last blog that i started running in july.  i didn’t start to lose weight…i started to run off stress.  and i wanted to start being more heart healthy on account of my dad.  now i’m enjoying my runs and i am working hard to lose all that baby weight i’ve gained over the last 5 years…and i am finally seeing a difference!  i can finally fit into a pair of jeans i haven’t been able to put on since before i got pregnant with leila…so about 4 years ago.  i figured out the numbers the other day and since may, i have lost 19lbs!!  (10 of those pounds i lost right after my dad passed away…the rest i have lost since july…and i’ve been working really hard at it!).  so, here are a couple pics of me in my jeans that finally fit again!

009 010

and just because i think my girls are so cute…here are a few pics of them…

003 nadia trying on shows…and looking so much like i did at that age (besides the light hair)…she’s even wearing my sweater :).

006 a current favorite picture of mine…it makes me smile.  they wanted me to take pictures of them pretending to be asleep.  aren’t they precious?!

and here they are checking out an atlas…which they love to do!

011 012 013 014

i’ve been doing lots of crafting recently…loving that.  sewing, knitting…all kind of goodies.  will share when i can.  here’s a rag quilt i made recently:

002 003


designHER Momma said...

weight loss is awesome! I just started running this spring, and I can tell a difference not only physically, but mentally as well. Congrats to you, that's amazing!

Steve and Paula said...

Go Rebecca! I know all about losing baby weight, lol! You look awesome!