Wednesday, November 3, 2010


here are a few things i’m smiling about…

001 002 kids playing together nicely….gotta’ love that!  every once in a while when they are a little stir-crazy, i’ll pull out the couch bed for them to play on….they love it (and it really helps mama get dinner started, haha)!

~liberty is pooping on the potty.  seriously…this is a HUGE smile and relief to us.  she started going regularly just after we moved here…and we couldn’t be happier or more proud.  i just hope leila and nadia won’t wait until they are 4 1/2 to start pooping on the potty all the time!!

003 nadia playing with the doll that was my favorite when i was a kid.  my sister and i found this in my dad’s attic when we were cleaning out his house…along with a bunch of other old toys. 

004 leila is still falling asleep in the most random places and positions.  here she is at the bottom of the stairs, using a stair as a pillow of sorts.  my neck was starting to hurt just looking at her!!

009 010 a project off my needles.  i love the pattern…and how soft the yarn is :).

011 a visit from one of jonathan’s good friends, bryce (& his dog carson).  bryce is a truck driver from billings, montana.  he was driving through the area so he stopped in on monday to watch the football game and have dinner with us.  liberty kept him quite entertained…she had him wrapped around her little finger.  in this pic they are doing a puzzle.

012 013 if you can ignore the fact that puny is in her underroos (potty training, remember!!)…i thought this was so cute.  in the first pic she is helping nadia get back up….in the second they are holding hands and dancing on the couch bed.  precious!

015 016 and here is what happens when you let your kids color with markers and then leave the room for a few minutes.  thankfully they were washable markers (and when bath time came, the girls were so excited because the marker made the bath water change colors, lol).

018 last night after i put liberty to bed (she had to go down early for misbehaving), i came out to find this.  nadia was half asleep on her daddy.  she is fighting a cold right now (along with daddy and liberty).  so sweet.

~story time at the library.  this makes me smile because the girls and i get to get out of the house and see other people.  hopefully at least some of those people will become friends.  one of the other moms there invited us to a mommy matters group that meets at the library on thursday mornings, so we are starting to go to that as well.  we are so anxious to meet some friends.  it gets a little old talking to little ones all day….i need some adult interaction.  and my girls need some playmates.

~dear friends who call or send messages of encouragment.  friends who i know are praying for and with me.  oh i am so thankful for those special people in my life.

~playing games with the girls.  libbs and i have been teaching leila how to play “memory.”  and the other day jonathan and i taught libbs how to play “go fish.”  we all enjoy playing games.  any good kid game suggestions would be welcomed!! :)


Amanda said...

wrote you a big long comment and then lost! yay for libbs and leila with the potty...and hooray for making a few connections with other mommies. still praying for you friend, LOTS!

Rebecca said...

oh i really dislike when you lose a long message!! thank you so much for the prayers!!!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Wow, lots of things to smile about around your house! I hope you are able to make some new friends. That is always difficult and as a mom, you definitely need some other adults to talk to every now and again. Keeps your sanity for sure!

Glad the girls are starting to go on the potty. I've been thinking I need to start with Anna soon, that really is not my favorite thing to do...but oh, the savings in diapers would be delightful!

Hope your family is feeling better soon!