Monday, December 13, 2010

looking at the positives

i need to post some smiles…it keeps me looking at the positives…helps me not to focus on the negative…so here are some smiles from our house…

1. over 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time today.  i cannot tell you how refreshing it was…what a blessing it was.  during that time i read my Bible and prayed…it was so nice.  and i came across this verse, which i found so comforting and beautiful.

Psalm 32:7 “You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance.”

2. making gingerbread cookies with the girls today.

039 043 042 041

3. going to “a night in bethlehem” with liberty and leila on saturday. i didn’t get any pictures during our tour, but took a few of us afterward :)

037 038

4. painted nails


5. sweet sisters


6. making “gingerbread” houses with libbs & leila.  we used graham crackers, frosting and all kinds of goodies… liberty made a gingerbread candy town, lol!

013 014 022 023 025

7. the girls occupying themselves while mama cooks…


8. liberty’s imagination.  she built herself a telescope :)

003 007

9. finishing all of my niece/nephew christmas gifts…and planning to mail them off today…woo hoo!!  pics to come later!

10.  the girls building their own princess kingdom with blankets


11. delicious new yarn for a new project…


12. starting a scarf for leila…who has been begging for one every since i made one for liberty.


13. pumpkin bread…made with fresh pumpkin.

009 011

14. finishing liberty’s scarf

014 015

15. this nativity countdown wall hanging my gram made and sent to us…it has little people and animals and buildings and such to hang on it each day of december until Christmas. the girls are loving it!


16. decoration for christmas.  this is our first tree for the girls, so that was a lot of fun!  they are doing great with not touching it!!

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17. these ornaments make me smile.  the first one was a gift from my kindergarten teacher…i loved him!  and the second is one i made when i was in kindergarten :).

035 038

18. skype. connecting with family faraway.

19. grace…i’m so thankful for the Lord’s grace and His patience with me.

20. precious friends who pray for, support, encourage and love me.

21. JESUS!!!


Liz K said...

ooooh, can't wait to see what you create with that yummy purple yarn! I just discovered Knitpicks and ordered some great cotton for a baby blanket for a dear dear friend at just $1.69 a ball!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Sounds like, although you may be having some hard times right now, God is providing many means and graces. He really is your hiding place!

Amanda said...

love these smiles...and it makes me realize i am SOOO behind in blogging...maybe i should add it to todays to-do is tuesday after all (right?!--i've so lost track of the days of the week! ha!). love all the pics of the girls. oh my, we should so skype sometime...with all the girlies...wouldn't they find that so fun!

Liz said...

Your girlies are so cute, as always. :)
Your graham cracker gingerbread houses look like fun--couldn't quite tell from the pictures, but a potential tip for next year. My MOPS group does these every year and they "build" them around those little cardboard milk cartons (like for school lunches) and frost all the pieces to it and it provides so much extra stability. You might have already done that I couldn't tell, but I'm pretty sure my kids would have the house broken before it was decorated without the cardboard form.
Hope you're having a great Christmas season, I know it's so hard to be away from family and friends at this time of year, but it can make time with your little family extra special, hope you find extra joy together. :)

kristin noel said...

Rebecca, have you ever heard of Ravelry? It's an awesome free site for knitters (and crocheters)! I love seeing all the beautiful things you make for your girls. It gives me hope that just because I'm a new mom doesn't mean that my crafting life is over. :-) If you are on Rav, look me up: KristinNoel.

Rebecca said...

Amanda...yes, we should definitely skype some time. the girls would love it, i think!, we didn't use milk cartons, but that's such a great idea...thank you for sharing. next time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your smiles. I really needed them today, having a hard time coming up with my own. You are an awesome wife, mom and friend and I love reading your blog. ~Mandy

Rebecca said... are so stinkin' sweet. you, too, are a wonderful wife, mama and friend. i love & miss you tons!!