Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some smiles

hard to believe it’s thanksgiving tomorrow…we’re on our own this year, but i still plan to make a big, delicious meal.  not a ton going on here. 

1. a fresh pumpkin pie.  i made a pumpkin pie today for tomorrow’s dessert…from scratch (as in from the actual pumpkin).  it smells really good. 


2. also today, i made playdoh for the girls.  purple for liberty, pink for leila.  it turned out great.  i think it’s better than store-bought.  unfortunately, liberty decided to play with her water and dumped it all over her playdoh.  now it’s ruined (which makes for an unhappy mama after all that work…plus the attitude from libbs isn’t helping).

016 017 020 018 019

3. the girls tried to put on a music show for me this morning.  i wanted to get video of it, but realized my camera doesn’t take video. lame.  each of the girls tried out my flute, but got frustrated when they couldn’t make sounds come from it.  they also tried out my irish whistle (that i got in ireland!).

004 005 006 008

4. lately if leila is “missing,” you can often find her in her toy box chattering away with the toys :).


5. liberty’s hair.  she keeps trying to do her own hair to make herself look stylish (her own words)…check out one of her creations:


6. hand print turkeys….always fun!

7. soaking feet.  after jonathan runs (for work) he sometimes soaks his feet…this particular time the girls wanted to try it out too.  cuteness!

001 002


8. playing in the snow!!! the girls actually stayed out for an hour that day!

005 008 009 010 011 017

9. and of course there has to be hot cocoa when the snow fun is done!

018 019

10. finishing my winter scarf.  i really like how it turned out.  i have more projects on my needles now :)

021 022 023 024



Liz K said...

LOVE the scarf! I don't have anything on my needles right now, and I am starting to feel like I want something...what pattern did you use? And what type of yarn?

Steve Finnell said...

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

That scarf is gorgeous, I just love the pattern!

Love that the girls were trying to play the flute. We are huge on instruments here, I get the girls a new one for every holiday/birthday so I love that it is a real flute. Such fun and I'm sure they will learn to make sounds come out soon.

Way to go on that homemade pie, it looked fantastic!