Tuesday, April 12, 2011

7 years & 3 kids later…

…we are attempting to purchase our very first house.  we put in an offer, the offer was accepted. we had an inspection and went over it yesterday with the realtor.  we made  a small list of things we are requesting the seller take care of and are now waiting for the seller to get back to us.  craziness!!

the house is in a nice, quiet neighborhood.  just beyond the fence of the back yard, there is a park.  the house is just over 1200 sq feet, has 3 bedrooms, and needs no major work.  and it has a big fenced in back yard. and it’s all one level (i’m not a fan of stairs anymore after living in a few places with them, haha).

thought i would share some pictures of the house i took yesterday:

DSC_4920 the front

DSC_4985 from the front door

DSC_4986 from the front door…those window things look down into a family room

DSC_4987 the family room (this used to be a garage, apparently).

DSC_4988 from the window in the family room.

DSC_4989 the small kitchen. it as decent counter space, so i think i can deal.  plus it won’t cost much to remodel eventually :).  i want to build a pantry in that corner at the right of the picture.

DSC_4990 half bath/laundry room (right off the dining room).

DSC_4991 another view of the kitchen

DSC_4992 bathroom, obviously…

DSC_4999 linen closet just outside of bathroom

DSC_4993 smallest bedroom from doorway

DSC_4994 smallest bedroom from inside

DSC_4995 biggest bedroom from doorway

DSC_4996 biggest bedroom from inside

DSC_4997 middle bedroom from doorway

DSC_4998 middle bedroom from inside

DSC_5000 dining area

DSC_5006 from dining area (original living room).

DSC_5001 yard from deck

DSC_5002 yard from other side of deck

DSC_5003 back of house from back yard. there is a storm cellar on the right of the deck.

DSC_5004 building behind trees is the hospital (i told jonathan if we have another baby, i could just walk to the hospital when i’m in labor, haha).

DSC_5005 back of the park from the yard (this is going to be so handy with nice weather!).

i have much to catch up on here on the blog…the kiddos, crafts, things God has been teaching me/reminding me of, my almost 5 year old (sniff!)…but that will have to wait for another day.  we are getting ready to go to a playdate with some new friends (a little girl liberty’s age!). 

i will share this verse i read yesterday. Psa. 94:19

“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.”

blessings to you!


kristin noel said...

Rebecca-- Oh my word the house is adorable! Those rounded window thingys are awesome! I'm such a sucker for arches. And the hardwood looks like it's in amazing shape! I've fallen out of blogging lately but intend to catch up here soon too. Btw, I did send the package last Friday. Sorry it took a while, hope it will come in handy for your crafting and maybe the girls too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys will be soooo happy there!

Mandy said...

It's sooooo cute!

Liz said...

How exciting! :) Looks like a perfect space for you and your little family. I love the wood floors. I hope all of the details come together and you can call it home soon!

Beck said...

Wonderful post. Looks like a great house for your little family! Hope things go smoothly for you in the purchase and move!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I'm so excited for you, there is nothing like a first house! Have fun making it a home!

PrincessSparkle84 said...

I hope your offer goes through! It's such a cute home! I love the layout and the hardwood floors are amazing!!