Friday, April 29, 2011

crying over a keyboard

When cleaning out the girls' toy box over the weekend, I came across a small toy keyboard my dad bought for Nadia for her 1st birthday. I remember he was all excited to give it to her because he knew she loved noisy things. And he ordered it on the computer ahead of time. He even had batteries to go with it. We got it all set up after she opened it, and she loved it, of course. All the kids there sat in a circle playing with this keyboard (sometimes fighting over it a little bit) and having a good time. My dad was so happy. He took a ton of pictures (not kidding!). He laughed. When Nadia had her cake, he took such delight in her hesitation to dig right in (thinking she would have, but she didn't right away)...and snapped tons of pictures as she investigated and then finally dug in. He delighted so much in each of his grandchildren.


Anyway. I sat there holding this keyboard that no longer works. We recently put new batteries in it and it died a couple days later. And I cried. I kept thinking I should just toss it because it is broken, but I couldn't make myself do it. Jonathan told me to just keep wasn't a big deal. I couldn't stop crying. I kept the keyboard. For now.


Anonymous said...

That keyboard holds memories for you, great memories, I would keep it forever and just pass it on, even if it doesn't work you can always retell your story of their grandpa and his joy in the little things. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca. I wish I could hug you right now. Keep it if it makes you feel better. Giant hugs!!!

Mandy said...

Rebecca, Sending many hugs your way.

Amanda said...

oh rebecca...i am just now seeing this post...and crying...thankful for the memories you have, but i know it is so hard. hugs from me!

Tiffany said...

Aw, this post was beautiful. Hugs sent your way.

Be Blessed.

Beck Gambill said...

O how tender, he would be so touched that you lingered over the memories of that day I'm sure! The missing of someone dear doesn't go away does it, but I pray it will take on a sweetness that comforts you.