Thursday, August 4, 2011

Never say never…

Since I’ve been married, I have told everyone we will NEVER have pets. Jonathan and I were in agreement on this from day one. Then a few months or so ago Jonathan started bringing up possibly getting a dog…which of course got talked about even more once we bought our house with a nice fenced in yard. He wanted a dog, I still didn’t.

While we were in Michigan, Jonathan found a mini-pinscher for free and picked him up. Not the kind of dog I wanted. I had been telling Jonathan that IF he could talk me into getting a dog, it had to be a basset hound (because they are lazy and laid back and good family dogs). But Gunther (mini pinscher), being free, was a shoe-in, I guess. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for me), the dog kept running away and finally never came back. The girls got to see Gunther on skype…but he wasn’t there when we returned home. Of course they were disappointed and Daddy promised to find them a better dog soon.

This is how we came to find Butch. We are fostering him with the intention of adopting from the Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue. They think Butch is between 18 month and 2 years old. He will be getting fixed and having shots at the vet tomorrow, so they will give us a better estimate on his age maybe. I let myself get a little excited about getting Butch (which is weird for me)…but of course now that he is here, I’m not a super fan of him or anything. He’s cute. He’s ok. The girls and Jonathan, however, are in love!  And he is really good with the kids so far. He needs some training to not beg for food, to not jump on people, not not jump on furniture. And to listen better. Other than that he is good. He has not gone to the bathroom in our house yet. He obeys the commands “sit” and “stay.” Oh…and he keeps trying to play with the girls’ toys. Need to find him one of his own!

Anyway…all this to say…never say never!!


*this dog in my yard must show just how much I love my husband and daughters!! Winking smile


Anonymous said...

Oh my, he is cuuuute! You'll learn to love him in no time!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that "foster a dog" program is SUCH a great idea!! What wonderful memories you'll have with Butch. <3

kristin noel said...

Oh my. After we lost Petunia and Pumpkin I wanted a dog so badly. I'm glad David talked me out of it. Although, I still think an English Border Terrier named Oscar and a Boston Terrier named Phineas would be pretty adorable. Now my only worry is that Tabitha seems to be drawn to cats. I think I could handle one of those, but I'd rather stay pet free.

Glad the girls are having fun. The sacrifices we make as mothers!