Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day One with No Binky

025Today we finally decided we couldn't put off getting rid of Liberty's binky any longer.  Every night Liberty is waking up several times because she has lost her binky.  This might not be so bad if she had her own room and she could cry herself back to sleep...but that is not the case.  Besides, the binky has to go some time!  We has just been putting it off wondering how hard it will be!

We started today at nap time.  I put Libbs down and she looked for her binky right away.  As soon as I closed the door to the room she started crying and proceeded to cry and scream for half an hour.  She slept for about a half hour before waking up again crying.  Jonathan got her up and changed her diaper and she was still acting really tired so he put her back down.  She cried again for a bit before finally falling asleep and taking a good nap.  Then tonight when she was ready to go to bed she was asking for her binky.  We told her it was all gone and put her to bed.  There were no tears or screams at all this time, and now she is sound asleep!  Needless to say, we were SURPRISED!!  I guess this may not be as hard as we originally thought.  YEA!  Hopefully this will help her sleep better at night (and in turn us as well!).

I also wanted to share how happy we are with how good Liberty is with Leila.  She just loves her little sister...and Leila is mesmerized with Liberty as well.  Liberty is always checking on Leila, trying to play with her, sharing toys with her, kissing her, and saying "ee-uh" (that's how Libbs says Leila's name).  Here are a few pictures of Liberty & Leila interacting today...

019 020 021 022

And here are a couple pics of Leila trying to roll over...

005 007


And just a couple more pictures (I know, I know...I'm a little pictures cRaZy!)

   018 030

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Amanda said...

congrats on the binky disposal. libs dealt with it pretty well when we took hers cold turkey. i keep telling myself i will take kate's away even earlier...but we'll see! by the way...your girls are GORGEOUS!