Saturday, February 2, 2008

Counting My Blessings


1.  A nice evening with my husband.  Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and after celebrating she went up to Frankenmuth to stay over with her friend.  It was nice to put the girls to bed and have the evening completely to ourselves.  At home dates can be just as fun as a night out.

2.  Liberty's new favorite thing...holding her sister.  She'll come up to me 039and say "holllll."  She likes to take Leila in her arms and "carry" her around the living room (with Mama's help, of course).  Too cute! 042

3.  Leila's fascination with her big sister.  Leila watches everything Liberty does with wide-eyed wonder.

4.  A job opportunity for Jonathan.  He is joining up with a financial services group called Primerica.  Jonathan will be starting his training on the 15th.  He has to get licensed to provide some of the services they offer.  Please keep him your prayers!  He still needs to find another job to help us get through the start up time with Primerica, so please be praying about that as well.  We are really excited about this opportunity.

5.  Music.  I'm particularly thinking about Liberty in this blessing.  She has a great love for music...especially dancing to it!  All throughout the day she will point at the stereo and ask to dance.  The girl LOVES to dance!  And she loves it when we dance with her.  It's nice to put aside the demands of the day and dance away with our little girl.

6.  An impromptu visit from my Dad this morning.  Liberty was standing at 044the door expectantly and I was asking her what she was waiting for when suddenly there was a knock!  She must have heard Poppo pull in the driveway.  She was so excited to see her Poppo.  The rest of us enjoyed the visit as well :).

7.  Extra sleep.  Lately the girls have been waking up earlier than they used to.  Last night as Jonathan and I were headed to bed, we were talking about how nice it would be if the girl would sleep in a bit....and they did!  Leila started stirring about 8am, and Libbs and Daddy slept until 8:30am!  How refreshing that little bit of extra sleep can be!

8.  Meeting a possible new friend.  Liberty has been sick this week, so I had to take her to the doctor on Thursday.  In the waiting room there was another mom with a 15-month-old daughter.  Liberty and Alexys had a good time playing while waiting to see the doctor, and I had a nice time chatting with Charity, the mom.  Before we got called back, Charity and I exchanged numbers to set up a playdate. :)

**Liberty is feeling better...she had a bad cold and sinus infection and a cold in her eyes.  


9.  Saturdays.  Saturdays are nice because it is when Jonathan can call and connect with his family back in California.  I'm thankful my mom lets us use her extra cell phone to do things like this.  I'm glad Jonathan is able to talk with his family every week, and it's good to hear how everything is going back there.

10.  Finishing projects.  I am slowly but surely finishing up craft projects.  I 045just finished making my first dish rag.  I made a mistake on one corner...but it's going to be used to washed dishes, so no big deal! (at least that's what I try to tell myself!!).  I'm also halfway finished with my father-in-law's Christmas gift...YEA!  Once that is finished I will be all  caught up on Christmas.  I can't wait to start the new projects floating around in my head.

And of course I have to throw in a few extra pictures!

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Amanda said...

just glanced at your ticker...happy anniversary tomorrow! so many lovely things to smile about...thanks for sharing. leila and liberty are precious.