Saturday, February 9, 2008

Counting My Blessings

0121.  Cuddle time with my Libbs.  Liberty has never been one to sit still and cuddle with anyone until recently.  I am savoring the moments when she wants to sit on my lap and cuddle.  

2.  Our cute chatterbox, Leila.  She has definitely found her voice!  017She "chatters" on and on throughout the day, smiling as she coos.  I love her little voice!

0203.  Sisterly love.  I love to see Liberty get excited when she sees Leila.  She runs over to give her kisses and to play with her.  So precious!  And Leila's face just lights up whenever she sees her big sister.

4.  A very nice visit with one of my best friends, Angela R.  She came up 080yesterday for the day.  It was so nice to catch up in person.  We always have a good time together.  We were even able to sneak away to the mall for a bit while Jonathan watched the girls.  

0095.  My husband.  We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this past week.  A lot has happened in those 4 years (big moves, babies, job changes, spiritual growth, etc), and I can honestly say that I love Jonathan so much more today than the day we got married.  I am so thankful God has blessed me with such a great man. 

6.  Yummy cheesecake.  Jonathan loves cheesecake, so I got a recipe 024from his sister, Sarah, for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake to make for our anniversary.  Despite forgetting to add the vanilla, the cheesecake turned out great!  Thanks for the recipe, Sarah!

7.  Bedtime.  There are days I so look forward to bed time with the girls.  013Today is one of those days.  I love my daughters so much...but some nights it's so nice to close the door to the bedroom and go into the calm & quiet living room and just breathe.  Ahhh...

8.  Reading books.  Liberty is finally letting us read to her an entire book.  017Usually she will beg us to read a book to her, but then flips quickly through the pages before you can read two words.  Now she actually wants to sit through the entire book..sometimes more than once!  There are two she really like us to read to her.  One is a favorite of mine, and the other is a favorite of Jonathan's.  How sweet!

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Angela's Space said...

It was great spending time with you...I hope to get together after this class. I am starting to get stressed about it. I called my pastor tonight with a paniced call. He came over after church today to help me...yea! I think I am starting to get this website thing! talk to you soon!