Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

***i did actually write this up on tuesday, but my computer has been acting up so it's only now getting posted!  and i just realized i only have 4 pictures to post...guess i've been too busy enjoying my family to get out the camera, ha!

1.  my husband.  seriously.  i cannot imagine the stress he feels right now trying to provide for our family in a crazy economy.  i love him, and i'm so proud of him and how hard he works for us.  i'm so thankful he never gives up.  i love him!

2.  liberty's silliness.  she makes me laugh every day with the things she does and says.  she is quite the character these days. 

001 004

3.  story time with gree.  so sweet.


4.  girls night.  a night away with other mom's where my hubby puts the girls to bed and i have fun for a few hours...what more could a mama ask for?! 

5.  a job for jonathan.  it's 30-40hrs a week, but it's a start.  thanks for your prayers!  he's looking for something else to work along with this job, and hopefully we'll be able to get our own place again in the near future. 

6.  a very active nadia.  it's so exciting to feel her move around so much in my belly...but it does make me nervous for when she's born and becomes mobile.  i believe we have another liberty on our hands! ;)

7.  leila walking more and more.  she still crawls quite a bit, but every time we turn around she's walking across the room to something...and getting faster to boot!  so much fun!

8.  liberty's growing interest in the potty.  she wants to sit on it several times a day, and i always take her.  she has yet to actually pee or poo on the potty, though.  i'm hoping she'll be potty trained (or mostly so) by the time nadia comes.

9.  saving pictures from our computer onto discs.  this may not sound like much, but i am WAYYYY behind.  this will ensure more safety for our pictures and clear up space on the computer. 

10.  pumpkin spice tea (YUM!) and a good book.  has anyone else tried this tea?  it is sooooo good!  and of course i'm always up for a good read!



Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Sounds like you are having busy and fun times! I have not tried that tea but boy does it sound yummy! I wonder if it's decaf...

Isn't the moving in the belly thing fun? It's just the best! As I get closer to my due date I don't feel it as much because Anna is so smooshed in there...I am a small girl! But oh, how I love it so!

God bless your husband for his hard work! I will say a prayer for him!

Amanda said...

such beautiful smiles...such beautiful girls...and oh how i must, must, must try that tea you mentioned. so fun to hear that nadia is moving around so much...and to think that the time is nearing when you will meet her!@

Amanda said...

hey rebecca...i tagged gave you an award over at my blog! :)

MikeandJen said...

i hope you're able to do something around your baby's due date. that was the absolute best thing that mike and i did. we took a trip to mackinaw island. my due date was also mother's day weekend, and i couldn't bear the thought of being at church. anyway, we went away, and it was so good for us to spend that time together. even if it's not a trip, maybe just dinner out and get someone to watch the kiddos. i would recommend it highly, and i'll be thinking of you as your due date approaches. it was a hard time for me, and one of those big moments that comes and goes for you but for no one else.....

Colleen said...

I am going to have to try that pumpkin spice tea! Thanks for visiting m blog. Its great to keep in touch. I have a baby name poll on there. would love your opinion if you get time!