Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

Another week has passed me by.  i can't believe how fast time goes.  we're not even that busy, and yet the time just slips away.  anyway...on to the smiles of the week...

1.  jonathan, my husband.  i love him.  i'm proud of him.  he's my rock.  he loves me unconditionally in so many ways.  even when i don't deserve it.  and he loves our girls the same way.  i fall more in love with him every day.  i'm so thankful God blessed my life with him. 


2.  lots of baby movement in my belly.  nadia is getting more and more active every day it seems.  it actually makes me a little nervous.  liberty was really active in the womb, and now she's a big ball of energy!!  but i do LOVE feeling nadia move around in my belly...it's my favorite part of pregnancy.  a little miracle of life growing inside of me...i'm seriously in awe of God's work.

3.  matching girls...again!  i love love love matching clothes for my girls (or coordinated clothes).  they look so adorable...don't you think?!

002 003

4.  finishing my first pair of mittens.  i've been wanting to knit mittens for a while, but have been nervous about it for some reason.  they turned out to be a lot easier that i imagined! :)

012 013

5.  daddy-daughter dates.  last week liberty was just being a little pistol, so jonathan decided to take her to the beach for a daddy-daughter date.  they had such a good time together, and this mama had a nice break! :)  i love that jonathan takes time for his girls.

  033 029


6.  ice cream cones.  sarah (jonathan's sister) and her girls were over last week and after dinner we had ice cream cones.  this was liberty's first ice cream cone and she loved it!  she especially loved eating it with her aunt sarah and some of her cousins.

009 010

7.  phone calls.  this week i've gotten phone calls from my sister, my dad, my mom, and angela (one of my best friend's).  i love hearing from everyone and getting a chance to talk with my family and friends.  i miss them and i'm so thankful they've taken the time to call me this week :).  and liberty loves talking to everyone, too!  this is her talking to poppo (my dad).


8.  cute dresses.  the one liberty is wearing was made by my gram and i think it's so adorable.  the one leila is wearing is one she got for her birthday from her poppy & gree (jonathan's parents).  i just love putting dresses on the girls...they look so sweet.

041 043

9.  dancing with my girls.  this afternoon everyone was away from the house except the girls and i.  i turned on some music and we danced together for a while.  it was so much love.  i love that time with my girls!

005 015

10.  a song by sara groves called "it might be hope."  this song really touched me this past week when i found it online...it's a song that's relevant to our life right now.  things are just so up in the air right now, but God always has a plan and there is always hope. 


The Kampers said...

Great Smiles! And the mittens turned out great! Good job...but will you need mittens in Cali?:)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Love the matching outfits, I am so going to do that whenever I can!

What a good father your husband is, and to even take pictures to boot, wow, he's definitely a keeper!

It is so nice to get a call from a loved one. There's nothing like it to bridge a distance!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your girls are adorable! And I've saved your question about nursing in the sling and keep meaning to try it out so I can answer good enough!! Will do that soon!


Colleen said...

I love your smile Tuesday posts! I could use your expertise with my blog set up. I cant figure out how to add a ticker... any suggestions?

Colleen said...

yayyy!!!! thanks for the ticker tip! It worked! You are awesome! Keep in touch!