Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

***note that i did have a couple of pictures to add to these smiles, but my computer is acting up again.  sorry!!

1.  these yummy red velvet holiday cookies.  they are sooooo good!  jonathan said they are now one of his favorites!  you can find the recipe here.

2.  cousins.  this is anna, zoe, liberty and reaghan (standing) watching a movie together.  they were just cracking up at the previews. 

3.  more hours of work for jonathan.  he is now working for coke and had to quit verizon (hours conflicted).  he chose coke because it pays more per hour and offers more hours a week.

4.  finishing a christmas gift.  i still have quite a few to go for the nieces and nephews...and also for my girls...i'm feeling a bit anxious about it since christmas is a mere month away from today!!!

5.  a fun family day.  yesterday jonathan had the day off work so we went to visit his granny and then took the girls to the park.  it was a lot of fun just spending the day together. 

6.  girls night at dennys.  this is happening tonight and i'm really looking forward to it.  i can't wait to spend some time with some other mamas and have a yummy chocolate shake!

7.  thanksgiving.  i love thanksgiving.. all the yummy food and time with family is always great.  i can't wait until thursday!

8.  a box of clothes.  i got a box of clothes for liberty passed on from a friend this week, so that was exciting!  liberty is especially adoring a little pair of black boots.

9.  lots and lots of movement from nadia!  she is as active as ever in this growing belly of mine.  i'm 30 weeks now, so just 10 weeks left until the due date...yikes!  i go in for a check up tomorrow.  i love going to the doctor's during pregnancy b/c i adore hearing my baby's heartbeat.  such a sweet sound.

10.  phone calls.  this week i heard from my sister, my dad and my mom.  it was really nice to catch up on the phone with each of them.  i miss everyone so much!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Sounds like you had lots to smile about this week. Don't you just love seeing your kids with their cousins? There is just something sweet about it. When Lilla goes to her grandparents house she always asks, "Is my friend going to be here?" Tonight she walked over to her cousin and in a demanding voice said, "You my friend!" I think she wanted to play with her...what a goof!

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I looooove red velvet! And I love baby kicks, too!