Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday...on Wednesday

i tried posting my smiles yesterday, but our already sloooow dial-up internet was super i chose to wait until today to post. i sure wish i could post pictures, too....i have so many great ones to share. the girls are growing and changing so quickly. ok...on to the smiles.

1. a family dinner. that's with poppy & gree, aunts, uncles and cousins. it's fun getting everyone together and having a meal.

2. flying kites. a couple weeks ago liberty saw some kids flying kites at the beach and she has been wanting a kite ever since. when we were at wal-mart the other day i found some cheap kites for $1 so i picked up a couple. jonathan and i took the girls to a park near the beach where we knew there would be wind and attempted to fly these cheap kites with the girls...unsuccessfully. they were just too cheaply made to get any air...oh well, the girls had fun anyway!

3. a date night. always a huge smile for that, eh? we didn't do anything spectacular. we dropped the girls off with poppy and gree for a couple hours, picked up $5 footlong subs and headed back home. we got to eat without interruption, talk without interruption, and do things around the house without interruption. it was really nice to have some time to ourselves at home. although, the quiet was a bit disconcerting. we were happy to bring the girls home a couple hours later :).

4. reading stories with the girls. they LOVE for us to read books to them. usually the same few books over and over.

5. bathing suits. we recently picked up a couple bathing suits for liberty and leila. the girls love them so much the insist on wearing the around the house when we're at home for the day. we have yet to actually go swimming with them, haha!

6. leila is LOVING talking on the phone these days. if it rings and we don't hand it to her, she gets really upset. she is constantly asking me to call poppo (that's my dad). it's so cute. she gets on the phone and smiles and chatters and giggles and paces around the house. i love it! the only downside is getting her to relinquish the's trouble, i tell you!

7. i am getting more and more used to running errands with all 3 girls. the carrier is a huge help in this process.

8. superbook. did anyone else watch this bible cartoon as a kid? the girls got a dvd of the first 4 episodes for christmas and the loving watching it...liberty is currently obsessed with the cain & abel episode. i think it's great they are watching and enjoying bible stories that i did as a kid.

9. "i love you" from leila. she's been saying "yah you" to nadia for a while now (and only nadia), but the other day i took leila to run an errand with me and i told her i loved her. she said, "i yah you" right back to me. now she's saying it to us quite a bit...i'm loving it!

10. liberty and memorizing. this girl has an amazing memory (although it doesn't seem to apply to rules and such, ha!). she can "read" stories to us and quote parts of her favorite shows/movies. it's crazy!

i'll be taking nadia in today for her 2 month check up...can you believe she's two months old already?! where in the world has the time gone? anyway, i'll post again later about how much she's growing :).


Amanda said...

oh my goodness..where have 2 months gone! i can just imagine the girls parading about in their swimsuits...sounds as though things are going well rebecca!

Liz said...

2 months! Wow!
Sounds like you and your little family are having a great spring--glad to hear it. :)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I agree, the time sure does go, doesn't it? Anna turned four months today...I said, "What?" How can this be?

Such a fun bunch of smiles. We do a lot of that reading the same books over and over. I try to sneak a new one in now and again, God bless the library!

Bathing suit season is a coming! I got Lilla the cutest suit...I need to get one for Anna now too! Yeah for warm weather!

MikeandJen said...

do you know what user you got your mei tai off of etsy? i really want to get one for this summer.