Wednesday, April 1, 2009

11 Smile Wednesday

oh how the days get away from me...

1. a good checkup for nadia. she's 7 weeks old now and weighs 9lbs 14oz and is 21 1/4 inches long. she's doing great! she still has lots of dark hair (it's lightened some) and the cutest chubby cheeks. some day i'll be able to post more pictures...

2. we now own a 2nd vehicle for the first time since the first year we were married! woo hoo! we got a used jimmy with a bit of our tax money. it's so nice to be able to get out of the house when jonathan is working (he has to use our vehicle for work).

3. red envelope day. have you heard of this? there's a website, but i can't remember the web address (sorry!). and i think they may be extending for a month.'s basically a way to make a statement to the white house against abortion. i sent a couple red envelopes out today :).

4. walking. lots of walking with my family whenever weather and time permit. i love it!

5. finally finding some time to craft again. i started knitting jonathan a pair of socks before nadia was born and now i'm finally knitting on them again here and there. it feels so good to get a little crafting done again. it's harder to find the time with 3 young kiddies, but i can do it!

6. today nadia smiled for liberty for the first time. it was so cute and liberty was so excited that she made nadia smile.

7. having a "new" stroller on the way. we have a double stroller right now that i hate. it's heavy, bulky, hard to push, and the kid in the back always kicks the kid in the front, etc... i've been looking at a side-by-side, lightweight, umbrella-like stroller for a while now and finally found an affordable used one on ebay...hooray!!

8. chocolate shakes. yum!

9. dinner menu plans. for the past few weeks jonathan and i have been writing out a dinner menu before grocery shopping and it's working out really well. we've tried some great new recipes, we're eating healthy, and we're less tempted to eat out. we're loving it!

10. baking cookies with liberty. we made some banana chocolate chip cookies for daddy and had a great time baking together. liberty loves to help mama cook!

11. a successful time running errands today. this was the first time i went out running errands with all three girls by myself. we went to the post office and the grocery store and everyone did great. i was quite pleased as i have been so nervous about attempting errands with all the girls.


Beck said...

It sounds like you have lots of things to smile about!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Three girls and errands? You are my hero! I can barely force myself with 2!!

The peanut loves to cook too. She loves to clean with me too. I feel bad sometimes because I'm rushing and just want to get it done, particularly when the baby is crying and I just want to sweep up the dog hair before sitting down to feed her. She just wants to do anything mommy is doing and that is sweet. I need to slow down and remember these days are going to be gone all too fast!

I need to get a double stroller. That is a great thing!