Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 smiles

a few smiles from the week…

1. gear for the winter.  the girls now have everything they need for playing out in the snow…or just going out in the cold.  just got their mittens and liberty’s boots in the mail this past week.  they were so happy.  now we’re just waiting for some snow to pile up :).

001 002 007

2. new boots for mama!  it’s been a while since i’ve had a new pair of shoes…and this pair of boots was needed since they only shoes i had that would be ok out in the cold and snow were my running shoes.  these boots are so warm and comfy!  oh, and then there’s leila wearing my boots…can you get any cuter?!

006 009

3. getting our christmas cards ordered…already!  i found a great deal and saved 50% on my order!

4. this pic of the girls and i.  they were vying to sit on my lap that evening, so i had to have jonathan take a pic of my girls and i :).  i look really tired, but the girls look adorable!


5. liberty has been very into getting her picture taken…especially those self-portrait ones…so here are a couple of the two of us :)

003 016

6. two more projects off my needles.  a baby bonnet (knit in less than two hours…seriously!) and a new hat for nadia.  it’s a little big on her, but the last one i made her is too small.  now all three girls have matching hats in different colors.  next on my needles is a winter scarf for myself.  liberty has requested a purple scarf.  and once i get the yarn and needles i need to furiously knit on some christmas gifts!

008 010

011 012

7. my human yarn swift & ball winders.  i needed to wind the yarn for my scarf into a ball so i could knit with it, so jonathan became my human yarn swift, and i did the ball winding. :)  some day i’ll get a real yarn swift and ball winder!!

013 014

8. new soup recipes.  i made a delicious beef stew in the crockpot this week…yum!!!  and yesterday i made a creamy chicken & vegetable soup that was scrumptious (not in the crockpot)!!  only got a pic of the beef stew, though.


and now i’m off to clean house, do laundry, get a workout in, and maybe some knitting (and of course playing with the girlies!).

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