Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I took a new pic of my baby belly today and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s looking lower already…yikes. And I keep having people around me telling me I’ve dropped. Here are the pics I’ve taken so far in the pregnancy, then you can tell me what you think Winking smile.

0099 weeks

00212 weeks

00916 weeks

01021 weeks

00723 weeks

00125 weeks

00626 weeks

00628 weeks

00130 weeks

00334 weeks (this is from today)


Mandy said...

I was just telling Dan (after looking at the picture on facebook) that it looks like she has dropped. :)

Rebecca said...

That's funny, Mandy. People here keep telling me that...but I hadn't really noticed until today's pic.

Kristin Runyon said...

He's heading south! YIPPEE! Just a little longer now.

Liz said...

Yep, lower for sure! When is your official due date?? Hope you're able to find moments of quiet and rest amidst the sweet chaos of mothering three little people to enjoy the last few weeks of baby boy on the inside. :)

Rebecca said...

Liz, my due date is May 10. 6 more weeks until then...all of my girls came a week after the due date, though...so we'll see what this little guy does.

Anonymous said...

You've definitely dropped!!! AAHHHH! I can't believe your getting so close to your due date!

designHER Momma said...

you are looking awesome! And almost there...