Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Taggy and a 30 Week Belly

Taggies are one of my favorite baby gifts to make…so of course I planned to make one for Jethro. I thought it would be perfect if I did one side Philadelphia Eagles fleece (hubby’s fave team), and the other with Detroit Lions fleece (my fave team)…hubby agreed. Here’s how it came out:





What do you think? I think Jethro will love it Winking smile. I like to joke with Jonathan that Jethro will get older and pick a completely different team, ha!

And here I am at 30 weeks (I’m almost 31 now).


Not much time left now. I’m feeling anxious to get everything prepared. I think I’ve started a little bit of nesting already. I am really feeling the need to get everything together for the labor and delivery (remember, we’re planning a home birth). I’ve been gathering what I need to be prepared. Just tonight I had the overwhelming urge to (spot) scrub some walls after dinner. So I cleaned up the dinner mess, switched over the laundry, and scrubbed walls. I was wanting to do them all, but made myself stop when I knew my energy was waning.
Jethro is quite the mover. He especially likes to move around a lot at night, little stinker.

That’s about all for now…


Kristin Runyon said...

Cute taggie. I'm sure he'll oblige his parents and pick one of your teams. :-) Your belly bump is so cute!

designHER Momma said...

The Lions!!!

And you look fantastic in your third trimester!