Friday, April 18, 2008

A Great Day for the Park!

My sister and I took our kids to the park on Wednesday.  Liberty & Daniel and a blast playing together.  It's amazing all the things Liberty will do at the park now as compared to last year!  She went up and down the slides on her own (the first time she just dove right in head first!), sat on the swing by herself, and had fun climbing through the playscape.  And she and Daniel actually played together almost the entire time.  It was cute.  On the way into the park Ashlee (my sis) and I asked Libbs and Daniel to hold hands, and they did all the way into the park.  See the picture below to see HOW they held hands.  Too precious! are a bunch of pictures from our park trip (I know, there's a lot, but I just can't help but post them all!).

027 028 029 030 032 035 038 039 041 042 043 044 045 051 052 053

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Liz said...

Hey Rebecca! Your kids are super cute. :-) I love going to the park at this age, although I usually grow tired of it long before Joshua does!
Where are you guys living these days? We're in Madison, WI--so far from family (your post about hanging with your sis made me miss my brothers) but still definitely right where we're supposed to be right now.
So nice to connect with you again!