Monday, April 14, 2008


**One of Liberty's new favorite things is to ride in the big part of the cart at the store.  Of course we are constantly having to tell her to sit down throughout the shopping trip.  This evening Liberty was playing on the porch with a laundry basket and a couple of baby dolls.  Jonathan was peaking in on her and heard her sternly telling her babies, "sit down, sit down!"  TOO CUTE!

**Has anyone ever actually read the small print on the packages of disposable diapers?  It actually says to empty the waste of the diaper into a toilet before disposing of the diaper.  Seriously! 

**Leila has decided that it's fun to NOT sleep well at night.  It's hard putting her to bed now, and she wakes up every two hours or less and then stays awake for a bit before deciding to sleep again.  This equals not much sleep for Mama!

**Today we had to take my camera back to Target because the flash broke.  So we go to the service desk and drop off my camera and go get someone to bring us up a replacement.  The girl does whatever she has to do for the exchange and says, "did you know this camera costs less now?"  I'm thinking to myself, "yeah, bummer for me, huh?"  Then she asks if I want the difference back on my debit card or in cash.  WOW!  I take my camera in for an exchange and get some money back in the process!  We were able to buy new spark plugs for our car with the money, and I picked up some knitting needles for a new project.  Yea!

**Jonathan and I are going to learn how to replace the spark plugs in our car this week.  Go us!!

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Amanda said...

gotta love getting an exchange and bonus cash! sorry to hear leila is not sleeping well at night..that has to be so tiresome for you. and i love the story of liberty..."sit down...sit down!" what i don't love is when elizabeth mimics the "not so cute" moments!