Saturday, May 10, 2008

Counting My Blessings

We've been pretty busy here for a change!  Lots of stuff to smile about...and lots of pictures.  Sorry there's so many...I just can't help myself!

1.  Liberty & Jonathan's birthdays!  I love to celebrate birthdays!  Liberty had a small party at the park.  It was fun, but oh so windy!  Liberty had a good time.  She loved the cake (which did turn out pretty good) and ice cream, but would not open her presents!  Crazy girl!  She did love the bear I made her!

006002 021 025 031

2.  DATE NIGHT!  My mom and her boyfriend got Jonathan a gift card to Cracker Barrel, so on Monday night we were able to go on a date.  My dad watched the girls.  It was so nice to have that time with my hubby!  008

3.  A visit with my Grandma (dad's mom) and Great Uncle Dick.  Jonathan and I took the girls out to see them on Tuesday.  We had a good visit and my Grandma was just tickled to see the girls!

4.  MOPS.  I always love going to MOPS.  I love the ladies there.  This week we had a talk about finances.  It was very good and enlightening.  I borrowed a book called "Your Money Map" by Howard Dayton.  It's interesting.  It talks about getting yourself out of debt (any kind). 

5.  More homemade bread!  This time I tried a recipe from some friends 009from college (Katie & Titi).  It was so yummy!  I'll post the recipe later if anyone is interested.

6.  Dinner with my Dad.  He invited over for dinner on Tuesday, along with my sister and her family.  We all had a good time visiting.  I love watching my dad with the grandkids.  He's such a great Poppo to them and he just lights up when they are around.

014015 016

7.  Our little dishes girl.  Libbs just loves to "help" do the dishes.  Any time she hears water running in the kitchen she thinks we are doing dishes and gets upset if we aren't.  Too funny!  I always tell her there will come a day when she'll be crying to get out of doing the dishes!  Ha!

8.  Lots and lots of time outside.  We are loving this weather!  I think Libbs could live outside if we let her ;).

017018 020 025

9.  Liberty's new thing when she is going to bed (or we are pretending to sleep during the day) is to tell us "Nigh Nigh Sweetheart."  So precious!

10.  Leila is sometimes trying to pull herself up...usually when she is in my lap and she wants to be closer to my face!  Crazy how fast she is growing!

11.  The movie "Martian Child."  Very good movie. 

12.  Getting rid of clutter!  Jonathan and I went through our belongings yet again and got rid of more stuff we don't need.  I just love that feeling when you go through your stuff and drop it off to Goodwill (or wherever) refreshing!  We don't really have a whole lot as it is, but after having most of our stuff in storage at my dad's for the better part of a year, we figured there were things we hadn't seen in all that time, so we could get rid of some of it!  We're also trying to be proactive hoping Jonathan gets a new job soon, which would mean moving again!

13.  Cookouts!  We had a big cookout here this evening.  It was a lot of fun.  We even had a bonfire of sorts.  My sister and her family were here, so the kids got lots of playing time together.  My mom even invited my dad to come, and he did!  It was a little weird to me at first with my dad there and my mom's boyfriend...but I'm happy my parents get along so well still.  It's nice.  My aunt came for the cookout as well.  It was a fun evening!

025 027 030 031 035 038 039 040 042 043 045

Hmm...Maybe I need to learn to do a slide show on here.  Thanks for putting up with my picture craze! :)  Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That's a great cake! And Happy Mother's Day!


Amanda said...

what wonderful smiles. love all the outdoor pictures (well, all the you, i'm a sucker for the pictures!). can you believe how fast our girls are growing?! and i am so with you about the satisfaction of getting rid of all the "stuff"...feels so good. i'm tackling our bedroom and closet tomorrow...bring it on!