Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun with Friends


Today was so much fun!  Aaron & Maria (friends from college) had their son Andrew (2 1/2) baptized today and then had a big cookout afterward.  They live near Toledo, OH.  Angela and I drove down together with the girls.  (Jonathan wasn't able to make it because he started a job at La-Z-Boy yesterday and had to work today).  And our friend Sarah M. (she lives in IN) came, too.  It was so much fun to hang out with some of my best friends from college (and still awesome friends today).  Liberty had a blast playing with all the kids there, and I had a wonderful time catching up with my friends.  I decided these get-togethers must happen more often!  I really miss hanging out with my college friends.  Here are some pictures from my fun day (I'll warn you that there are a lot!).

007 Liberty loved this water table008 Leila enjoying the grass

009 Liberty & Andrew010 Angela, Me, Sarah & Maria011 Libbs and Nancy (??)012Cutie pie Andrew

 013 She was soaked and so dirty!016 Thought this turned out cool019 Sarah, Libbs, Andrew

020 Wagon ride from Maria021 Leila and Sarah027 Leila & Angela029 Sharing031 Andrew034 Leila inched along the table a bit035 038 He's saying, "hi little baby"039 040 041 Maria & Leila043 Sarah & Leila044 All tuckered out045


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How fun! I need a get together like that soon!


Amanda said...

so much fun! i LOVE all the pics...and i also loved reading your smiles! leila and libs are getting so big...and cuter and cuter each day. glad to hear jonathan found a job for now...hope it is going alright!