Sunday, May 18, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1.  mother's day...and the girls who are my reason for celebrating differently these days!

2.  a mother's day cookout at my gram's.  It was fun to get together with some of the family and just hang out. 


3.  matching dresses for the girls.  i love it!


4.  the precious drawing my nephews and niece sent me for mother's day...and the sweet card jonathan's sister and her husband sent.

5.  time at the park with my cousin jenni and her sons alex & aj.

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6.  kisses from liberty.  she has this way of doing it lately...she grabs my face and turns it to her and plants a kiss on my lips.  so sweet.


7.  a walk and a good visit with my sister and her boys.  i love hanging out with my sister, and the kids love it, too!

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8.  a dinner and movie night with my dad.  he's been asking us over for dinner more often lately, which is nice.  this last week he rented a movie, too.  i like hanging out with my dad, and i know the girls love being with their poppo.

9.  dinner out at a chinese buffet..yum!  this was thanks to a gift certificate my dad gave me for mother's day.

10.  homemade laundry soap.  i haven't actually made and used it yet b/c i'm using up the rest of my store bought stuff.  i can't wait to try it, though.  it's a lot cheaper and i hear it cleans clothes so well.  i'll let you know when i try it!

11.  liberty's crazy obsession with her aunt ashlee.  everywhere we go she'll see either the kind of car my sister drives, or a red car, and she'll get excited and yell out aunt ashlee several times. 

12.  leila's smiles.  i don't think i need to explain that, except to say she has been rather cranky lately, so i appreciate them even more! :)028

13.  dresses from poppy & gree.  i love these cute dresses.  thanks!


14.  sisters...oh so sweet...especially when they are playing together.  oh how i love to watch them interact!

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15.  "ee-uh dit you!"  that's liberty saying, "leila get you!" and it means she wants jonathan or i to pick up leila and make her (leila) chase liberty around the house.  both girls giggle and smile every time!

16.  eye kiss.  libbs has this new thing where she makes her eyes kiss things (like her baby dolls).  not sure where she got that from, but it's cute.

17.  marker face.  this morning liberty decided to try to cover her lips with a marker...and colored her chin instead.  silly girl!


18.  every morning liberty says to leila, "morning puny" and gives her a kiss.  such sweetness.  (puny is a nickname we call leila).

19.  my first bouquet of "flowers" picked by my libbs. 


20.  liberty wearing a dress that my gram made for me when i was a little girl.  how fun and sweet!!

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Amanda said...

such lovely blessings...and pictures...gotta love the pictures! i can resonate with you on so many of the things you are counting as blessings...isn't this a terrific (even in the midst of HARD) season in life!