Saturday, May 24, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1.  my husband.  i love him.  even though we haven't had much money 030since he hasn't been working much, i have loved the time we've been having together.  i know i'm really going to miss it when he goes back to work full time.  he's so good to me and our girls.  i'm proud of him and so thankful that we have grown together through these trials rather than apart.

2.  strawberry pie.  yum!  i had never made it before, but my mom got a bunch of strawberries this week and i decided to try it.  it turned out so great!  the pic is kind of blurry, but the taste was fabulous!006

3.  walking around the mall with my family.  seriously, it's a good way to get out of the house on rainy days.  and libbs loves the play area.

4.  outside time.  it seems like i'm always saying this lately, but it's so great!  i love the sunshine and fresh air, and the girls do, too.010 015 016

5.  the girls have been going down for naps and bed time much much better lately.  i so appreciate the prayers sent our way, and the support and encouragement.  libbs is rarely making her irritating noise, and leila has calmed down in the screaming department.  this is a huge huge relief.  it's amazing what a little perspective and lots of detailed praying will do! 

6.  another movie day with my dad.  this time we watched "national treasure: book of secrets."  it's a good movie, and it was a good time with my dad.

7.  lots of crafting.  i've been working on some matching dresses for the girls...just have to do the finishing touches on those and i will post some pictures.  i also just finished a birthday present liberty's little friend from MOPS.  i'm particularly proud of this one because i didn't have a pattern to go by...just figured something out myself.  ben (the bday boy) loves music & instruments, so i found some fun fabric at joann's and made him a cape and mask.  i think it turned out pretty good...let's hope ben likes it, too!014 031

8.  mcdonald's playland.  my sister and i took the kids to play this week and they loved it.  i love to watch them play.  i actually climbed in there myself to help a scared little boy whose grandma couldn't climb in to help.  liberty thought that was great.  i, however, have realized i'm just getting too old for that kind of play! :)  and boy is it ever hot in those tunnels!019 018

9.  the girls playing with their dolls together.  i know i say this a lot, but i love to watch them interact nicely together.  it's such a beautiful thing.  and i have to admit i always hoped i would someday have a daughter(s) who loves dolls as much as i did as a little girl.  i'm loving it!008

10.  leila is standing at the coffee table (or whatever other object she can hang on to).  she's not getting into the standing position on her own yet, but she loves when we stand her up to the table and let go.  she can stand there for quite a while.  libbs thinks it's fun to have leila stand with her, too!020 022

024 025

11.  liberty's smile.  it's so hard for me to capture it on camera anymore because she's too distracted by the camera itself.027

12.  libbs and memaw (that's my mom).  i'm proud of my mom and the memaw she has become.  honestly, i am surprised at what a wonderful memaw she is to the kids as she has never really been a kid person (despite having 2 of her own!).  and liberty loves her memaw (and all of her other grandparents, for that matter!).


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Heather said...

Let's go to Mickey D's together soon! Melissa's kids love it, too! And Ben LOVED his cape! Thanks so much for such a thoughtful gift!