Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

good morning!  it is about 2am right now and i just cannot sleep.  my body is feeling restless...i'm sure it's the pregnancy.  instead of tossing and turning and keeping jonathan awake, too, i decided to be productive and write up my 10 smiles.  maybe when i'm done typing my body will be ready to relax again.

1.  liberty hugs.  she has been so so affectionate lately and we are just eating it up.  i am especially enjoying her hugs.  she'll wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze and go "mmmmmm."  (she picked that up from me, i'll usually say, "mmmm, i love liberty hugs" when she hugs me).  so sweet. 


2.  winning these super cute hair bows from uniquely u boutique.  aren't they adorable?!!

002 012

3.  our little mimic.  liberty is copying everything we say and do lately.  most of the time it's cute...sometimes it's a reminder to us, lol!   cute story...the other night when jonathan was putting liberty to bed, he had to scratch his nose.  liberty immediately did exactly as he did.  she really likes to copy what daddy does. 

4.  daddy, the girls and a guitar.  i think the picture says it all.


5.  the girls playing together.  this has been happening quite a bit lately and it's so cute.  in this pic they are playing a bit of "peek-a-boo" with an empty cupboard.


6.  kid-sized frosty's from wendy's.  frosty's are a favorite treat of mine.  the other day liberty ran some errands with me and she was sooo good, so i treated her to her very own frosty.  she loved it, of course!

017 018

7.  leila's new "pose."  she does this a ton now. 


8.  a trip to the park on a cooler day.  it was good family fun :)  of course there are a lot of pictures.  i especially love the swing pictures.  i know i post so many pictures on my blog, but remember i have friends and family who live far away who want to see pics, and of course i want to share lots of pics!!  maybe i should start making slide shows?

020 025 028

031 036 037

041 043 044

9.  i've reached the 16 week mark in the pregnancy.  yea!  everything seems to be going along well.  i feel the baby move every now and then...oh what a beautiful feeling!

046 047

10.  i believe we may have finally settled on a bedtime routine for the girls in which they are both happy and content when they fall asleep (which means liberty is not getting into leila's bed keeping her awake and ticking her off!).  part of it was me finally deciding i need to stop letting what society says i need to do with my kids sway my decisions.  i need to do what's best for my family and i and follow my mama instincts.  it seriously feels so refreshing to do this!


Monica Fayth said...

I love that you take the time to post 10 smiles every week. I should probably take the time to do something like this more often.

So what did you decide to do for bedtime?

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Aren't the kicks and movements the best feel ever? I've never known anything like it before, so beautiful!

That is so cute that Liberty is mimicking too. I love it when she does that with Michael, it just touches my heart to see her with him.

Good times, good times!

Amanda said...

so many precious smiles. i love #10...especially the realization that you need to follow your mama instincts and not society...i think this is SO hard. but it is definitely what the Lord wants us to do! :) loving the hugs and the swing pictures...you know i love pictures! and i am so with you on the copycat thing...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ok, now I really want a frosty! : )