Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

hello there.  i can't believe another week has gone by!  not too much has gone on besides getting ready for the move :).  we will be having our phone and internet turned off on friday.  we will have internet access at jonathan's parents house and i will try to keep up with the weekly smiles as best i can.  we are really excited that the move time is so close now.  liberty is especially excited to "fly high in the sky" to california.  then she'll name all the family she will see there.  so cute! 

1.  a good book, a glass of milk, and a cream-filled donut!!  i had been craving these donuts and finally found some...not at a donut shop, but at walmart of all places!!


2.  libbs and singing.  the girls like us to sing to them at bed time.  i usually sing the same few songs.  well the other day i was in the bedroom packing and liberty was in the living room playing with her toys when i heard her singing, "oh my soul rejoice...joy my king..."  so such precious words coming from my precious girl.

3.  a fixed car.  last week we took our car in to get a new serpentine belt and have the egr checked.  it runs beautifully now!!  who would have thought a little egr sensor valve could fix all the problems our car was having?!

4.  as i type our car is sitting at the place where they will install our hitch.  just one more big step toward the move!

5.  speaking of the move...it's now only a few days away! 

6.  our little dare-devil liberty. 


7.  leila in a box. 


8.  sharing a yummy snack.


9.  a sleeping baby at dinner.  i always find this so cute when it happens :).


10.  feeling the baby in my belly move again.  even though my belly is growing and i have pregnancy symptoms, i still get nervous wondering if all is really ok since we haven't been able to see a doctor here (i think mostly b/c of our miscarriage before this pregnancy).  those little movements here and there are so reassuring! :)  and i can't wait to get moved and set up with a doctor (i want to hear that heartbeat)!!


Amanda said...

such sweetness in the day by day. love leila in a box! i feel like i've been gone from blog-land a lot lately, but know that i am praying for you as you prepare for the move...and as you trust God in the midst of the fears that come with this pregnancy.

Liz said...

Glad to hear that all is coming along for the move. And that the baby is moving--isn't that the most wonderful feeling in the world? I understand what you're saying about the anxiety too--my first appointment with Joshua was at just past 20 weeks--that heartbeat is so re-assuring!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I agree that there is nothing like feeling the baby move inside you. I absolutely love it!!

I hope your move goes well. It is so exciting to think of your new adventure and what it will hold for you and your family. I'm sure the girls will love having all that family around, mine sure does!

The peanut is so doing the daring thing like Liberty. That is just hilarious. She wants to climb on everything and stand on everything! Of course it scares this little mama to death, but she just giggles and has a great time!

Take care,

MikeandJen said...

since you posted that picture of that donut, it's all i want! :)