Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

There won't be any pictures for my post today because every time i try to download the pics from my memory card my computer says windows has stopped working.  i'm not sure what's going on with that, but i can tell you it's very annoying! 

we're doing alright here.  it feels like the days are c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g by, but i know august 30 will come sooner rather than later.  here are some smiles from our week...

1.  getting more packing done.  at this point there isn't a lot of packing we can do since we still have a few more weeks here.  amazingly we have found more things to get rid of (we clean out our stuff every time we move...it's kind of nice to purge like that). 

2.  a trip to the park.  although one pic of liberty will show you why i am so sad when i take her.  she stares longingly at kids there and tries to play with them, but they run away from her.  but later on during this trip to the park some kids older than liberty came and they played with her...so that was really nice. :)

3.  leila is standing on her own every once in a while for around 10 seconds or so at a time.  so crazy!  she also climbed up on a box that was at the foot of our bed and then climbed up on the bed.  i can't believe how much she is growing!!

4.  precious little feet.  the other day the girls and i were sitting on the couch and liberty was rubbing her feet on leila's and giggling away.  leila was grinning from ear to ear.  so cute.  of course i took a picture...but not sure when i'll be able to post it.

5.  leila and an oreo.  liberty was eating an oreo cookie and she took it apart.  she laid one side on the coffee table and the next thing i know leila is eating it.  what a mess! 

6.  the game "let's go fishing."  jonathan bought this game a while back because it was a favorite of his as a boy and he thought it would be fun to play with our kids.  liberty loves to try playing this game with daddy and it's so cute.  although now jonathan wonders what he ever saw in the game! ;)

7.  a precious leila-daddy moment.  last night after he fed her she promptly fell asleep on his shoulder.  so cute.

8.  possibly getting a couple problems with our car fixed...for cheaper than we thought!

9.  making into the second trimester!  i'm so thankful for this precious life growing inside of me. :)

10.  my wonderful hubby.  i love him.  i'm so thankful for him.  i love how hard he works for our family.  i love how much he loves the girls and i.  i love that he's always willing to try.  i love that he doesn't give up...that he learns from his mistakes.  i love his honesty.  i love the way he thinks.  i love that during this pregnancy while i've been so tired and worn out, he works hard all day and comes home and helps me out with housework and the girls (and never complains if he comes home to a messy house!).  i just plain love my jonathan!!


Amanda said...

such wonderful smiles...and love the pics to go with them. oh how i wish we would've been at the park...libs and libs could have been little friends running around! and oh how i love the oreo face...too cute! our babies are all getting so big....and ever so quickly. a bit smile and hooray from me about your second trimester mark...hopefully you will have some renewed energy.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I think the last smile was my favorite. Isn't wonderful to be able to say such terrific things about your husband? I'm so glad you are able to see those things in him!

I always felt the same way about Lilla at the park. She didn't walk until she was 18 months old and it was so sad to see her with the other kids. It's still hard sometimes because she is so itty bitty, I think kids think she is younger and so they look past her. A lot of times though it seems they think she's adorable because she is small and want to mother her. Funny!

Nancy M. said...

Good luck with your upcoming move!