Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts & Ideas, please

our girls share a room.  we are having a problem EVERY night with liberty getting into leila's bed when we put the girls down.  she'll climb in and cover leila with blankets and throw toys in and leila gets very upset.  liberty will even do this after leila has fallen asleep, which of course wakes leila up.  we have tried different disciplinary actions with liberty to no avail.  we have tried putting leila to bed first and putting libbs to bed when we know leila is asleep, but liberty will climb in anyway and wake her up.  this makes for a very angry leila.  we've tried putting libbs to bed first, but leila is usually always so tired and craving her bed before liberty finally gets to sleep we then have a CRANKY baby on our hands.  if anyone has any thoughts or ideas for us, we'd love to hear them!!  thank you!


MikeandJen said...

any ideas why liberty is climbing in leila's bed? is she having bad dreams or something at night? maybe you could encourage her to come find you if she is scared in the night? that's not the greatest but probably better than waking up little leila!

MikeandJen said...

oh, and i was going to tell you, i bought some raspberry leaf tea. i'm going to give it a whirl... i haven't tried it yet, but plan to, maybe tonight? i also bought some ginger candies, and they at least help in having something in my purse.