Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 Smile (or more) Tuesday

***i had this blog written yesterday, but i've been having trouble putting pictures in it.  today i tried putting my pictures in a slideshow, but my computer wouldn't let me do that no pictures for now.  hopefully soon.***

1.  kisses from my girls.  leila recently started giving us (and most anyone else) kisses.  it's so cute.  she makes that little "muah" noise and it's just precious!  and liberty is just giving is random kisses throughout the day.  i'm loving it!

2.  imagination.  i'm loving watching liberty's imagination grow and grow.  and let me tell you, she has a great one!  she's always pretending to go somewhere or be someone.  the things that come out of her little mouth are so funny.  her latest thing is pretending to be a pirate (not sure where this came from).  she'll put something on her head (a pair of pants, a hat, whatever is available) and say, "arrrr, i a pirate!" 


3.  uncles.  one pic is uncle mark reading to the kids, the other us uncle josh getting leila to sleep.

4.  time to ourselves. 

5.  28 weeks of pregnancy.

6.  crafting.  i've been doing some more knitting for christmas gifts, and sewed up some cute burp rags for a baby shower gift. fun fun!

7.  bath time with cousins.  liberty was loving playing in the water with zoe and ryleigh.

8.  our little climber.  it seems that leila has suddenly gained the ability to climb (or at least the will to climb).  here is one of her latest feats.

9.  playtime with daddy.

10.  a bloggy award passed on to me from amanda.  i promise i will pass this one on soon...just haven't had the chance yet!

11.  reading to my girls.  oh how i hope our girls love to read like jonathan and i do. 

12.  apples.  need i say more?

13.  snuggles.

14.  fresh starts.  i'm thankful for fresh starts in the little and big things of life.  for me this week it means starting fresh in our ways of discipline with liberty, starting fresh by cutting off the bottle from leila, and start fresh with my time with the Lord.  oh how i love fresh starts!

15.  praying 7 x 7.  i don't know if you've ever read the blog bring the rain, but it's quite an inspiring read.  the author, angie, recently posted a blog about praying for our children.  she suggested praying 7 times a day 7 times a week, picking out particular events in the day to pray the scripture over our children.  and i supposed this could apply to anyone...praying over spouses or whoever.  anyway.  you can click on the icon below for more details.  i'm really excited about trying this out.  i pray for my girls every night as they are falling asleep, but i love the idea of praying scripture over them all throughout the day. sure to check it out!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Another terrific bunch of smiles this week! So much good stuff to remember and treasure, how could it not make you smile?

I love fresh starts too, I think it's why so many look forward to the new year. Fortunately, with Jesus, we are able to start anew at every moment.

Love the blog, Bring the Rain. I really want to try the 7x7. I'm not really good at commitment right now as I'm so worn down, but I think I may give it a whirl without the commitment. :)

Hoping for some more smiles for you today!