Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

well i'm not sure if my computer will let me add pictures times time or not.  i hope it works soon!  i have lots of cute pictures to share that i'm sure you're all dying to see ;).  we had a nice week.  jonathan's family went to disneyland and had a really good time, and we had some just the 4 of us family time. 

1.  liberty's cheesy smiles.  these days when we take her picture she gives us this cute, cheesy grin.  i love it!

001 002 025

2.  sleeping beauties.  is there anything sweeter than sleeping babies/toddlers?

004 005

3.  meeting up for lunch with jonathan's friend tim and his wife mandy.  jonathan had never met tim's wife, and i hadn't met either of them yet.  tim is in the coast guard and he's stationed in oregon about 5 hours north of where we are living.  they were driving through to visit family in cali and stopped to meet us for lunch.  it was a really nice visit.


4.  watching my girls play together.  i just love to watch them interact so sweetly with each other.

008 011

5.  sunshiny days.  after a bunch of rain, we're happy to have some warmer days with sunshine.  we've been taking advantage of those days by playing at the park or in the backyard. 

014 015 020 021 022 024

6.  pregnant belly sweetness.  liberty loves looking at my belly and talking to it.  according to her, nadia is in my belly for timeout.  liberty is so funny!  and of course i am loving the movement...nadia moves a LOT!

009 010

7.  the moon/cross.  lately liberty has been really into the moon (ever since she heard that nursery rhyme with the cow jumping over the moon).  the other night she was looking out the kitchen window talking about the moon and she kept telling us she saw a cross.  she wanted us to see this cross so i went to look out the window and i didn't see anything.  she kept insisting there was a cross in the sky and wanted daddy to look.  he went to look and she was so excited...i guess she was sure he would see it, too.  he didn't.  i went in there again and got down at her level and looked out the window....sure enough, the light rays shining from the moon made a cross.  liberty was so happy we could see the cross, too.  she was still talking about that cross the next morning!

8.  a surprise visit from jonathan's cousin mike.  jonathan hasn't seen him since sometime before we got married, and i had never met him.  he lives up in washington state and was down hunting.  it was fun for jonathan to see his cousin again and i enjoyed meeting him as well.  i must say, though, that liberty dominated at least half of the visit with mike.  she just loved him and has a great way with kids!  he was reading her stories, looking out the window with her, playing toys with her, etc.


9.  minnie mouse ears.  poppy & gree brought back cute minnie ears from disneyland.  the girls love them!  and of course i think they look adorable on my girls!

028 035

10.  jonathan.  i love him.  he's working so hard for us working two jobs.  thankfully one day off coincides with both jobs, so he does have a full day off from both places.  it stinks that he has to work so many hours, but we are thankful God has provided something for the time being.  and i'm thankful for a hubby that works hard for his family.  and as you can see from the picture below, he's great at playing with the girls! :)  (he's going to love me for posting this picture!!)



Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Surely sleeping kiddos is one of the sweetest sites! Something rarely seen around here though. Maybe once the peanut has a playmate that may change...so sweet!

The peanut loves my belly too. She talks to her, sings to her, teaches her, kisses her, hugs her...it's just totally adorable!

Lots of movement here too. In fact I'm getting some kicks even as I'm writing!

How fun for your husband's cousin to stop by...you gotta love that!

The Mickey ears are so fun! The peanut would go crazy over them!

Thanks for sharing your smiles!

Amanda said...

love, love, love seeing your growing belly...and love the one of libs kissing it. i never fail to smile and love the sight of your girls sleeping in random places...mine are so the type that only sleep in their beds...which is fabulous, but not nearly as cute! :) even this morning when elizabeth was sick she simply would not let her eyes close while laying on the couch! sounds like you've had some fun visits, meeting jonathan's friends, and how blessed you are to have a hubby who works so hard. much love and smiles from us!

Monica Fayth said...

I don't know if I've ever told you or not, but I really enjoy your 10 smile Tuesdays. Oh, and I love the pic of Jonathan with the Mickey Mouse ears. I'll have to find the pic I have of Josh where a couple little girls covered him in pink princess stuff. But he's holding a hammer so he can still feel like a man.

Monica Fayth said...

I found the pic! I'll put it on my blog :)