Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 2 & 3

Yikes! I’m already getting behind on this! But for the record, we went out of town yesterday and  again today…busy!

-a 4wd vehicle (which is why we went out of town…to purchase said vehicle)


-the sound of Nadia playing with her dolls…super cute!

-the sweetness of Leila

-watching Liberty learning new things and then make connections in the outside world

-broccoli and veggie dip (yes, this is a current pregnancy craving)

-almost 13 weeks of pregnancy…learning this babe has developed fingerprints…amazing!

-snow covered mountains against a blue sky…there’s just something so peaceful about that

-knowing I will see my Dad again some day…I’m missing him so much lately

dad me mac

-girls who were troopers riding in the car so so much the last two days



-kisses from precious little girls


-a clean (for the moment) house

-a husband who is less stressed

-cloth diapers…they look so cute on those little bottoms and they save money!



-watching the girls play in the snow (don’t worry…we were only going out to the van in this pic…I really do bundle them up when they go out to really play, like this morning).



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