Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 17

-Libbs not taking hours to finish her workbook pages

-The girls’ delight with the new sitter they had last night

-Nadia playing in the corner by the vacuum cleaner so quietly for a long while this morning

-A phone call from my sister

-A day to not go anywhere

-A sweet friend blessing us in a thoughtful, tangible way

-Libbs said to me tonight, “Mom, I made you a special Christmas present. It’s a kiss.” Then she gave me a big kiss. So sweet

-The way my girls love me…unconditionally, all the time, so sweetly…so very undeserved on my part…but treasured…

-Libbs and her “nursing.” She was pretending to take care of the baby and I…doctoring us up…so thoughtful and sweet

-Laying on the extra bed with the girls and tickling them…hearing their loud giggles and how they asked me to do it over and over again…joyful


-Hubby coming home tonight

-Snuggles with Leila after some discipline

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