Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 23 & 24

-A good night’s sleep

-A turkey dinner

-Crafty little girls

-Fresh from the pumpkin pie




-Finally getting to hear our baby’s heartbeat long enough to get a heart rate (155, for those wondering)

-Almost 16 weeks of pregnancy

-3 more weeks until our ultrasound

-A hubby who is willing to take over stinky diapers/underwear (it’s just too much for my stomach)

-Thanksgiving dinner with friends (they don’t have family here, either, so it was nice to have them over)

-Deviled eggs…and my sweet friend who made them last minute for me when she found out I was craving them today

-Lots of laughter and screaming and giggling and running and imagining with 7 kiddos in the house (our friends have 4 kids)





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