Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 20

-A lazy day (even if it did mean I was feeling under the weather)

-Little girls who can be so sweet to each other

-Leila’s silliness

-Liberty’s inquisitiveness

-Nadia’s thumb-sucking cuteness

-A hubby who is cooking dinner again

-Dutch Blitz (yes, again…we love this game!)

-Hallmark movies

-30 little fingers and 30 little toes…they’re just so precious

-Extra sleep (naps…and 10 hours last night)


-My sewing machine (extra special because my Gram gave it to me…love her!)

-A hubby who will go out at night to find me a sweet treat :)

-Snuggling with my girls and watching a movie

-Watching football with my hubby (Go Lions!)

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