Saturday, March 1, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1.  A full time job for Jonathan!!  Jonathan was offered a job at a car dealership this week as a salesman.  He starts on Monday (March 3).  He'll be paid hourly or salary (not sure which yet) during his training, and then on to commission.  This dealership has been around for a long time...they actually have a few different car lots...and they get good business.  We are pretty excited that he has finally found some full time work.  Keep us in your prayers that this is something that will work out for us.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and support.

2.  A great deal on books for the girls.  My sister and I went "Goodwilling" (what we call going to the local Goodwills on sale Sundays), and we found some great deals.  I got 8 books for Liberty for a whopping $3.00!!!011

3.  Liberty's newfound "friend," her carebear.  She picked out this bear at the store the other day.  


4.  This precious sight...can you get any sweeter?!  I just love when Liberty "reads" to Leila.


5.  The sweet sound of laughter...especially when it is Liberty making Leila giggle, and the two girls laughing together. 

6.  FINALLY getting those late Christmas gifts mailed off to our nieces and nephews and Jonathan's parents!  (Pictures to come!)

0347.  NEW LIFE!!  My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday (yep, right on leap year day!).  His name is Sidney Edward and he weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 22 inches long.  He's so precious!  I had the honor of watching him enter into this world...thanks Ashlee!!!  What a miraculous thing giving birth is!!

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And here are some more pictures from our week....

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Amanda said...

what wonderful blessing! thanks for sharing! also, you are a winner in my "pay it forward"...can you let me know your e-mail address so i can send you more details!