Saturday, March 8, 2008

Counting My Blessings

This has been a long week for me since Jonathan started work and I have no vehicle.  It's also been my first experience taking care of the girls on my own all day, every day.  It really hasn't been too bad...I guess because I was able to get used to caring for two children with Jonathan at home helping out all this time.  That was definitely a blessing...despite the fact we didn't really have an income. :)  Now onto some more blessings!

1.  A nice walk to my sister's house on Thursday...which means the weather was warmer!  I had a good visit with my sister and the kids had fun playing.  We got some great pictures of the kids together, too! 032 034

2.  My Dad letting me borrow his car to go to MOPS on Tuesday.  I just love my time with the ladies at MOPS!

3.  My girls.  They are so sweet and cute together.  I'm so glad they have each other.


4.  The sweet sweater my Gram made for Leila...still fits!!  Leila says, "thanks Great Gram Leila!"


5.  Some cuddle time with my Libbs.  This was indeed a rare treat!  After nap time on Thursday, Liberty spent a good half hour being a little cuddle bug...I love it!

6.  A relatively easy time at the grocery store today...I went by myself with the girls!

7.  Leila finally rolled over from back to tummy today.  It was so exciting!!  I can't believe how much she is growing!

8.  Jonathan sold his first car!!

9.  The rest are in the pictures...



017 021

Leila's First Ponytail


Sidney @ 6 days old has bigger feet than Leila @ 5mos...and is almost as big as Leila!!

020 021

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Amanda said...

love all the pictures and "smiles" glad you are adjusting well to being at home with the girls on your own. and i have to say...I LOVE all of Leila's hair...I have "baldy" babies...