Saturday, March 15, 2008

Counting My Blessings

What a crazy week!  The four of us have been sick, Jonathan has worked long hours, and Liberty seems to have turned into a little monster at times(I believe the terrible 2's have arrived!).  And yet, there are definitely some blessings mixed in with the craziness...

1.  DATE NIGHT!!  This definitely has to be my favorite blessing to look 026back on this week.  Jonathan and I have not had a date night in about 6 months, so we were definitely in need of an evening to ourselves!  My birthday was on Wednesday,031 so my hubby took me to dinner and we walked around Target afterward...just to pass the time together.  Thanks to my dad for watching the girls (& the surprise birthday cake)! 

2.  Spring.  The warm weather has finally started to poke through the cold!  Oh how I am ready to spend some good time outdoors!

3.  Liberty's love of letters and numbers.  She loves to point them out and is just soaking in the knowledge like a little sponge.  Through the day you'll hear her spouting off random letters and numbers.  She loves when I sing the ABC song to her.

4.  A new CD and movie...birthday gifts.  Taylor Swift CD, and the movie "Broken Bridges."  Both are items I have been wanting for a while.

5.  My new favorite CAMERA!  A special birthday surprise from my wonderful hubby!  I'm having a great time learning to use it...I love taking pictures!  Some day I'd love to take up a photography class...or maybe I'll just get a good book on photograpy...

6.  A finished sock monkey.  This one is for Easter gift.  I'm 017working on one for Leila as well.  Next shoes (thanks to Amanda for sharing the website with the pattern!).  I can't wait to try them!

7.  Dum Dum Suckers.  That may sound strange, but I remember loving them as a child, and now Jonathan & I can share that with Liberty (she definitely loves her "sutters").


8.  My little camera girls:  Liberty, who loves to be BEHIND the camera these days (which is why you don't see nearly as many pics of her right now).  And Leila, who loves to have her picture taken!

016 002

9.  Preparing to make Leila some baby foods.  I'm really excited to try making Leila's first foods...and beyond!  020

Here are a few more pics from the week...

005 011

006 013

022 023

024 026

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Amanda said...

so many sweet blessings...i love leila's big grins! and the sock monkey...and that you and the hubby got to have a date night (oh, how i know how necessary and wonderful that is...and love that you ended up walking around target...that is so how our dates seem to end up! isn't shopping without kids--well, "window shopping" so wonderful!)