Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

happy tuesday, everyone!  not much new going on with us.  we're going to try to get liberty's new bed tomorrow.  we'd go today, but jonathan has to work late and the store will be closed.  yesterday i lost leila's binky on the way to the park, so when we got home i put her down for a nap without it, and she only cried for a few minutes!  we decided not to buy a new binky...maybe taking it away earlier will work out better.  she went to bed just fine without it last night, too.  she's never been as into her binky as liberty was, so that's good.  i guess that's all...now onto the smiles from the week!

1.  lately when liberty points out something (like the fan, or a train), she'll tell herself, "you're right, so smart!"  i just thought that was cute :)009

2.  leila's smile.  especially on some of those hard mama days...that smile just makes everything ok.


3.  liberty's sweetness whenever i cry (which i do a lot of when i'm pregnant!).  she'll come over to me and ask what's wrong and give me a kiss and tell me "you're ok."  then she'll say, "i be right back," and she'll come back with something to wipe my tears.  so so sweet.

4.  i love that liberty is always asking for leila to play toys with her.  super cute!  i love when they play together.


5.  talking with jonathan about the things we are learning before we go to sleep.  i treasure those talks...that time together.

6.  liberty's sunglasses.  the other i took liberty to the store with me and i put my sunglasses on before leaving the house.  she immediately ran to get hers and wore them all the way to the store and all throughout the shopping trip.  so cute that she wanted to be like mommy (although i didn't wear mine during the shopping trip!).

7.  sisters.  oh how i love watching my girls play together, love on each other, giggle together...i love that they have each other.010

8.  liberty and daddy watching the train together.  i think the pictures say it all.

006 007

9.  a trip to the park. 

012 015

016  017

022 026

10.  knitting.  i finally broke out my knitting this week.  i haven't worked on any crafts since before we moved, and i was itching to do something.  part of the reason i hadn't been knitting on my current project was b/c it just wasn't looking right.  well, i finally figured out what i was doing wrong, took it out, and picked it back up.  everything is looking much better now!

11.  i just have to add one more smile here...and that is SLEEP!  i think we have finally figured out a system for sleep times with liberty.  it has worked for the past few days, so i'm quite hopeful it will continue to work.  so, she's been going to bed a at decent hour and sleeping through the night.  yea!!!!  check out this pic of libbs crashed on the floor...on one of those "not getting much sleep days."



The Kampers said...

Good smiles today!
You had a question about cloth diapers...we use fuzzy bunz when we are home and I am up to doing that much laundry...which hasn't been real regular the past few months. We got the shells as hand me downs from my sister in law and we bought new liners. Forrest has worn the same size since last summer! I am hoping that will help with having 2 in diapers when the new baby comes! What kind do you use?

Amanda said...

rebecca..so good to read your smiles...especially since i've been having one of "those" past few hours...for real! glad you are getting some more sleep, and i LOVE the pics of jonathon and libs watching the train...oh how our libbers love the train she can see from our house!

Amanda said...

love that your hubby started a blog...i will have to have mike read his blog...then our hubbys can become blog friends...and then we would just HAVE to meet for real!