Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Unknown

i wish i could read liberty's mind. i wish i could ease whatever it is that is going on there. i wish i knew. libbs is having an extremely hard time sleeping lately. i mean that she hardly sleeps. it's 1am right now and she's still awake. when we try to put her to bed she freaks out...i'm not exaggerating...it's like she's having panic attacks or something. nothing we have tried is helping. she can't tell us what is wrong. and when we try doing what she asks during these times, she still freaks out. i can honestly say i am worried and a big scared. really. tonight has been one of the worst nights. she was freaking out so bad earlier we were afraid she would make herself sick. i decided to try taking her on a drive...drove around for about 20 minutes and still no sleep. i don't know what to do. i want to help her, but i don't know what is going on. is it just from the move? is she having bad dreams? is it something about her bedroom? is she scared about something? i don't know...and that unknown is so hard for me. well...off to try to get her to sleep again. thanks for listening!

**it is now the next morning...libbs asked to be put down in her bed some time after 1am. a little after 6am this morning she came bursting into our bedroom...not to lay down with us and sleep...just to be up. she's had breakfast and is still awake. you can tell she is so tired....just not sleeping.


Amanda said...

oh rebecca...praying for you...for libbs...for sleep...for comfort as you struggle with fatigue and change. i wouldn't be one bit surprised if the changes were part of the culprit for libbs...and hopefully some routine and getting used to things will help. bless your heart. are she and leila still in the same room? i know that when elizabeth has gone through tough sleeping spells (though not nearly to this extent), the only thing that has ended up working and lasting is eventually letting her cry it out. i found that whenever i went in to check on her, comfort her, etc. it just caused her to cry that much longer the next time...thus controlling me, in essence. i realize many people still might disagree with the "crying it out" method...or the idea that we "train" our kiddos. mind you, i don't think our children are like animals, but rather than we can "train" their behavior...as heart-wrenching as it might be...again, i don't want to offer advice that might seem callous or discount how difficult this is...just sharing something that has worked for us in past scenarios (with, of course, the knowledge that you are meeting her needs and making sure she is safe even in the midst of the crying, etc.). we had an incident the other night...elizabeth was over-tired and frightened by the fireworks outside her window...she cried, i went in to check, she cried harder after i left...mike checked...more crying...we reassured her what the noise from the fireworks were, met her basic needs, snuggled her, loved her, and reminded her it was bedtime...to no avail...finally, knowing there was nothing i could do to help (short of laying in bed with her--which just wasn't going to happen...because i knew she would need that the next night and the next and the next then--she is totally give her an inch, she takes six miles!--we let her cry. it was horrible, but we listened and knew she was okay...and she did stop, finally...and sleep well. i admit, it was horrendous to listen to her cry...but getting a good night of sleep myself and being refreshed in the morning (not to mention her getting some sleep and not being a total grump) were worth every moment of the painful "training".

The Kampers said...

Oh Rebecca! That is so hard! I will be praying for you guys. One thing that we have always done with Forrest and my parents aways did with us, is pray at night, especially for his protection. She might really be scared of something. Pray that God would protect her and calm her heart and mind in Jesus Name. The Enemy likes to mess with even our littlest ones!