Monday, July 7, 2008


Hello there. It's been a week since the phone/cable people came and we still have no phone and our interent is not working. It's quite irritating. And, the cell phone we have been borrowing is out of minutes for a few days. UGH!!!

I can honestly say that I am not a fan of Liberal, KS. The people here are not very friendly. We still haven't met any friends. I miss living near family and friends big time. I don't mean to be so negative in my blogs lately, but I appreciate that I can vent here. Another big thing...I was denied pregnancy coverage for insurance, so I have no idea what we are going to do about that. If any knows of anything, please please let me know.

Liberty is doing alright. Still having trouble sleeping, but slowly (very slowly) getting better...maybe?? She's so desparate for friends. Any time we see kids she gets excited and gets upset if she can't play with them. Leila is her normal happy self.

Ok, I'm at the library so time is limited. I'll try to post later!


MikeandJen said...

why were you denied coverage?because you were in-between jobs?
there must be something you can do! it seems like with an ultrasound you could prove when you got pregnant and whether you were under old insurance or not? just throwing out ideas i guess. that just seems absolutely insane to me!
i hate insurance and hate dealing with it. when we lost our baby, we were denied full-coverage on my surgery because it didn't end in a "healthy baby".
does kansas have anything like MI-Child, like Michigan does?? if they don't, maybe you could think about the midwife route? i've heard that can be relatively inexpensive..
thinking of you guys....that's so tough....especially being in a new place

The Kampers said...

I second Jen's hatred of insurance companies! Here is what I would do...keep nagging. My mom has had some experences with insurance companies and you need to wear them down. I will keep calling and asking "why was I denied" A lot of times they will deny the first and sometimes second claims. Keep at it! Don't let the man win!:) How long have you guys been in KS now? It takes a long time to develop friendships...hang in there! Have you guys found a church yet? That will be a HUGE help. Praying for you!

Amanda said...

i am definitely praying for you...for the insurance, for making friends, for liberty struggling with the move. i have heard the midwife route is a bit less expensive if you are open to that...