Thursday, July 10, 2008

A good idea, nausea, smiles, etc...

last night around 11, liberty was still awake!  i even took her for a drive and that did not work (in the day time if we just drive down the street to the store, she's out!).  she was begging to go to bed, but when we put her down she would scream and cry and come running out again.  we went through some rounds of this when suddenly i thought, what if i put couch cushions in her bed?  so we did.  and it worked.  she cried for like 5 seconds and then slept.  all night.  well, at least until 6:45am.  it was beautiful.  i'm hoping it will work for nap time today.  and bed time tonight, of course!  and all the way until the 15th, when we can most likely finally buy her big girl bed! 

some people have been asking how i've been feeling with this pregnancy.  well, i'm really tired...but i'm sure that has to do with liberty's sleep problems, too.  i feel nauseous all throughout the day (although i am not actually getting sick).  nothing really sounds good to me anymore, even my favorites.  when i do crave something and get that item, it generally disgusts me soon after.  weird!  this pregnancy has been a lot different than the others.  also, my sciatic nerve in my left leg is being pinched quite frequently.  it happened a few times with liberty and leila's pregnancies, but it happens almost daily already this time around. 


and speaking of the pregnancy...let me give you an insurance update.  i talked to the health department here and they have a sliding fee program we qualify for, so i have signed up for that.  it will definitely help with the costs of prenatal care.  however, i won't be able to have an ultrasound unless we pay for it ourselves (can we say expensive?!), or unless it is medically that's a bummer.  i guess we'll be having a surprise baby this time around :). 

starting next week i'm going to jump on amanda's "10 smile tuesday" bandwagon (mind if i join in, amanda?), so watch for that.  i know with how negative i've been about everything lately, i am in definite need of looking at the positives of life. 

ok...guess i'll sign off for now...hope you're all having a wonderful end to your week!


Amanda said...

i would LOVE to have you jump in on the ten smile bandwagon. maybe i should put up a linky to it so we could all see who is participating and share in one another's smiles. so glad you found something that will work for a bit with liberty...bless her heart...and yours! i do hope you start feeling a bit better and getting some kind of appetite back soon...but so glad to hear about the program for your pregnancy care. and i must say, i have LOVED being surprised by gender (even though we didn't intend to with libbers...but we liked it so much we did it again with kate!).

Liz said...

Glad to hear that you've started to get the insurance situation figured out--pregnant with no health insurance is a scary place to be (we didn't have insurance for the first 5 months of my pregnancy with Joshua). If it's any encouragement, delivery room surprises are a lot of fun, really. We may even go back and do it again the next time around. (So far we've done it once each way)

Hope you have a great weekend!