Tuesday, July 22, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

1.  surprise flowers from my hubby this week.  even delivered to the door!  it was totally unexpected and much appreciated!006

2.  libbs is sleeping better at night, napping most days, and going to bed better.  yea!!

3.  playing "castle" with my libbs.  we got this toy castle for liberty at a yard sale a while back and she loves it!  lately she has been asking me to play castle with her.  of course i oblige!  and she just  giggles and giggles.  love it!

4.  mcdonald's playplace.  what a lifesaver on these 100+ degree days! 

5.  getting a package from my gram in the mail.  in it was some cookbooks and homemade outfits for the girls.  oh so cute!

007 008 009 011

6.  liberty's newfound love for singing.  she loves to sing the bible songs we teach her, and the songs on all her favorite shows.  fun!

7.  liberty's new big girl bed.  enough said there!  i even made her a special little pillow to put on her bed...princess of course!016 017

8.  Leila's first two teeth are finally through!  yea!!!  and of course they are cute as can be!


9.  libbs and the vacuum.  for some reason she loves to make her dolls play on the vacuum.  she'll giggle and make them climb and fall and sit and whatever else little dolls do.  she's got a great imagination!015

10.  last, but certainly not least....we are moving again.  this may come as a surprise to you, but it's really in the best interest of our family.  we've been very unhappy here so we've made plans to move back to crescent city, ca (where jonathan is from and where most of his family is).  jonathan

is planning to get a job with the state, and while getting that process started he'll work a job or two to keep us going.  this is something we feel so great about...it's a stable, great paying job with benefits, vacation and retirement.  we cannot wait to live near some family again and to be more financially stable.  plus, it's one of the most beautiful areas of the country i've ever seen...can't wait to live there again!

Here are a few extra pictures:

004 Libbs wearing her doll's shoes

002apple time!


013 after i trimmed her bangs


Amanda said...

so many smiles...and the last best of all! i am so glad to hear you guys are moving somewhere you know people and will be happier...and i am so praying for you as the process gets started. and i'm looking forward to hearing more of your timeline. gotta love the pics of the girls...they are so stinkin' adorable!

The Kampers said...

Wow! Moving again...what a lot of work! But it makes sense...when are you planning on packing again? How are you feeling?

MikeandJen said...

moving moving moving!! good for you to make a decision you feel is good for your family!!! how soon will you be moving?

Amy said...

What a great bunch of smiles! Your daughter's big girl bed is adorable and you do a much better on the bangs than I do. My poor daughter has them up and down and everywhere. It's not good! :)

I hope your move goes well, it is exciting to be able to live in a beautiful place where you feel comfortable and surrounded by family!

Monica Fayth said...

wow! moving again, huh? I'm sure you'll be happy being back with family again. And I'm sure Jonathan's family is really excited.

Have I ever told you how absolutely adorable your kids are?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I wish you the best on your move!